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We are raising funds for a Camper Van to train RECOVERY Assistance Dogs and to campaign for Freedom from force and fear in Mental Health.

We did it!

On 25th May 2015 we successfully raised £1,065 with 9 supporters in 70 days

We are raising funds for a Camper Van to train RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health and to campaign for Freedom from force and fear.

RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health help individuals regain independence and wellbeing. The trained dogs are having great success in helping people to recover from Mental Health problems. 


DjangoAni Hodgkinson, 35, has an Akita (5 years) trained as a RECOVERY Dog says:“If I didn’t have Django I couldn’t function as well as I do. He gives me confidence, reassurance, protection, company. Without him I wouldn’t talk to as many people”.



The Charity is now based in Leicester and was set up by Mental Health Survivors 10 years ago in Oakham. Liz Maitland, 58, Director at RECOVERY and with her own RECOVERY Dogs, Cocker Spaniels Milli and Mimi, affirms that “I couldn’t live on my own without the dogs but with them I have independence and have completely recovered.”

We are crowdfunding as we desperately need the Camper Van so we can visit our clients who live all over the UK. The Van will mean we can visit people as far away as Cornwall and Scotland. Also when we help someone with training or assessment of their dog we often fundraise in their local area with a stall and street collection. The Camper Van will help in cold winters so that we can talk to interested supporters in comfort. We will have printed on the van our Fffaf Campaign information and this will help raise awareness about how choice and control is key to survival.

We have over 100 Survivors throughout the UK having their dogs trained as RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health. It usually takes over 6 months to get the dogs to level 1 when they are well-behaved enought to have a VIS Jacket and can support the Survivor whereever they go. Level 2 is when we visit the client one-to-one and help to train the dog in three areas to help to improve wellbeing. The final level is about the Survivor learning to do Centering Therapy with the dog.

Please pledge now to a worthy cause set up and run by Survivors of Mental Health problems that know the way to recovery is through Creative Therapies like RECOVERY Assistance Dogs. Be part of our success in helping people to stay out of Hospital. We have had nearly 100% success rate in helping Survivors to keep out of Psychiatric Wards by training their dogs. 





RECOVERY, Unit 36A,Vulcan House, Vulcan Road, Leicester, LE5 3EF

Registered Charity Number 1125395


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