Mental health to Ironman

by Gordon Robertson in Luxborough, England, United Kingdom

Mental health to Ironman


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Dedicating my life to win in the world of Ironman triathlons, letting me share my story with young mental health sufferers across the UK.

by Gordon Robertson in Luxborough, England, United Kingdom

My story begins over 10 years ago, when my doctor gave me the news that I have depression and that I will be dealing with it for the rest of my life.  At first I did not believe it and fought anyone that tried to help, taking me deeper and deeper on a downward spiral. This lead to drinking all night and sleeping all day.  

A year down the line of taking anti-depressants and drinking, I will never forget a moment between me and my father which changed me and I have never looked back. I gave up drinking, took myself off the tablets and started letting people in to help; starting a slow recovery from the depths.  During my recovery I was introduced to cycling and Ironman triathlons, and now the time has come to give my life over to this sport and fight to stand on the top spot. 


Although Ironman is a single person sport, I will need a strong team standing beside me to enable my races to go as smooth as possible. The most important person is my partner who will be taking the role of my manager, ensuring that all background tasks are dealt with such as training programs, diet, and travelling to races and talks with me. 

Family is also very important to myself, they stood beside me throughout my darkest time and they will be there with me when I cross the finish line. 

This is my close team however there will be many other people to join the team; masseurs, gym/fitness instructor and bike mechanics to name a few. 

Some would say this is a crazy idea training to win the hardest triathlon series in the world, however doing nothing to me would be worse.

Swimming - 3.86km

Riding - 180.25km

Running - 42.20km (yes a marathon)

All without a break and done within 8 1/2 hours.

After standing on the top spot of this great sport, I will give talks and workshops across the UK in schools and colleges to show that you can fight back no matter how hard it seems.I hope that this will help many young people have the confidence to go out and follow their dreams whilst showing there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Money that is donated will be spent on the specialist kit needed to enable myself to start my journey to the top spot of the podium.  Below is a list of the main things needed: 

  • Time Trial Bike 
  • Wetsuit 
  • Clothing
  • Indoor training equipment 
  • Race entries

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