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Mental Health - Support For The Whole Family

by Sarah Kekoa in Harrogate, England, United Kingdom


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To be able to support the whole family when mental health is impacting their lives, no matter what the reason. We want families to thrive.

by Sarah Kekoa in Harrogate, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We can help additional families in crisis in to 2021. 


Our vision: To be able to provide support to the whole family at the time that they need it, no matter what the reason. 

To get families out of crisis in the shortest time possible and back to happiness, thriving, not just surviving.

Integrate our families into our community where continued support is available.

Our aim: is to help families access the support they need right NOW. Traditional support services are at capacity and our sessions can help families out of crisis and back to thriving and happiness. It is possible and this funding means we can offer access to all and at a time when it is needed most. 1605543395_img-20201116-wa0012.jpg

Who we areI Choose Life was born from sleepless nights, thinking about what we could do to support families around us that we loved and cared for who were in crisis, some who thought taking their life was their only option left.

It was important that we could reach families before even more crisis hit their lives. Suicide and attempted suicide causes devastation for everyone and in turn raises the risk of greater mental health issues and even suicide throughout the people who are left behind. 

Mental health signs are now being recognised in children as young as infants and toddlers with often parents already having to deal with their own mental health concerns.

20 years of experience has taught us that it's never just one person's problem. Seeing a loved one in pain causes pain for the whole family.

This is why at I Choose Life we work with the whole family to support everyone needs at exactly where they are at because not everyone is in the same place either. 

To journey with ICL is like no other. We aren't here to keep adding more and more on top of you; here's another exercise, here's another strategy. We do things differently.

We believe you have everything you need inside you to get through whatever has caused the pain in your life. And as a family you can get through it, you are stronger together and you will be more resilient because of it. 

We have worked with people for over 20 years now from all walks of life. From opening an Ofstead registered independent school, running a training company and developing our  own models but nothing has taught us more than our own lived experiences. Shame, guilt, bereavement, anxiety, depression, PSTD and alcohol have all been friends over the years.

So how do we know it’s possible, because we have carried the burdens too.

The ICL Team are here to help and we can do that because we know what it feels like and we know what you can do about it.

We are passionate about supporting the whole family and their mental well being by welcoming people to our stunning farm in the Yorkshire Dales and engaging them in our unique process of transforming everyone's lives. We can also welcome you on on-line calls during this unknown time. 

Joining ICL is like being a part of a bigger family that just gets it. No judgements. No criticising. Just love and understanding, where everyone is routing for your happiness and where everyone supports you to get it.


  • Here are some wonderful quotes from some of our service users:

"Zoom calls have been a huge support with coping with lockdown, and not feeling alone with mental health difficulties. I've found the covid19 situation very challenging, and very disorientating especially during the initial few weeks when everything locked down very suddenly. It made a massive difference to be able to be in contact with the group each week and support each other through the ups and downs. As the situation keeps changing, it has been amazing to be part of the group and to feel that there is support, and that also I can learn more about supporting others. I have used things learnt in sessions to support family and friends during this time too."

"I think I would have really struggled during this time, and potentially been quite unwell. The sessions have really helped me to stay on track and I have learnt so much too about how to support others."

"I Choose Life Foundation is such a beautiful and precious tribe to be in. I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful group of people, all endeavouring to grow authentically, to support and challenge each other in a place of love."

" Understanding, supportive, will do anything to support you in changing your life.
 absolutely amazing. No obstacle is too big, no person is too small. These guys help us all."



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A tour of our farm in the dales, take in the location, meet our animals and enjoy a homemade piece of flapjack and a Yorkshire tea.

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1:1 walk and talk session. Meet us for a walk and talk coaching session somewhere in beautiful Yorkshire

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Come and have a family coaching session. Come to the farm in Yorkshire needing some support, and go away with an enlightening moment and tools to help regain family happiness.

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A hamper filled with goodies and gifts, kindly donated by @asda Harrogate as part of their community support scheme.

Let's make 'Mental Health - Support For The Whole Family' happen

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