Mental Health Support For ALL Families!

by Stephen Mccullough in Wick, England, United Kingdom

Mental Health Support For ALL Families!
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To provide relevant support for families who are in need at an affordable cost to all who need it.

by Stephen Mccullough in Wick, England, United Kingdom

Hi all!

It isn't always easy to explain in words what I am trying to achieve but with society how it is currently and the lack of support for families in crisis, I have been forced to give it a go.

I have been working with families and children who are in crisis for the past 10 years, with clients that may have ASD, ADHD and PTSD to those who have challenging behaviors, emotional restraints and regulation difficulties/social problems.

What is clear is "professional" services are stretched currently and that the advice majority of families are getting is either coming to late or not sufficient in order to help them. I want to help these families and am committed to doing so!

The money raise will help support a building in Worthing, West Sussex that I am looking to open to all families that need help and support. I will be offering training for these families that they can take home with them and provide round the clock support. The key to helping these families in finding people who genuinely care about helping others rather than just making them another case in the system; that is specifically why I am setting up this project. I will also be including many professionals in the project once it is set up, offer home visits and daily respites for families in need.

I have vast experience within this industry and am not the typical "Behavioural Specialist". I care much more about the families than my current hourly rate suggests, I spend my days off finding ways to help all and offering 24/7 support where needed.

This could be a huge change in the mental health field and for families in surrounding areas who need it! Lets work together and make something wonderful happen.

Thank you all for reading and any questions please send me an email to compassthk@gmail.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

For all families or individuals who offer a £50 donation will recieve 2 weeks support from myself (whether the centre opens or not).

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