Let's get Mental Health Awareness Trending.

by Helen Hope in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


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Clothing brand using the power of slogan Ts to make mental health an everyday conversation, demystify stereotypes relating to mental illness

by Helen Hope in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

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Attend trade shows, festivals, invest in influencer marketing schemes, increase production runs, expand warehousing and logistics, invest in SEO marketing and google adds.





Mixing intelligent design with contemporary fashion trends, Heartknoxx provides a ‘fresh perspective on the definition of ‘style’.

Toting the strapline, Define Your Difference - we understand that it’s the individual that truly brings our ranges to life.

Keeping inclusion at our core, 80% of all our sweater and tees are designed to be unisex and are manufactured to the highest quality, using only 100% responsibly-sourced organic cotton.


Helen Hope

RESUME - Fashion Buyer, Designer, Marketing & Events

AGE  34-yrs    

LOCATION -  UK & Dubai  

"As someone who naturally hears the word hope A LOT, I find it quite ironic that last year, in January of 2018, that I’d never felt more hopeless.

After working successfully in the fashion industry for over 15 years , I suddenly found myself unemployed, struggling financial and starting over.

Feeling unable to cope I slipped into a debilitating depression, triggered by the physical symptoms that had manifested out of trying to manage chronic anxiety alone and without adequate medical support.

I wanted to give up on the world and probably did for a short time, however returning to my family home in the UK, I was able to gain the support I needed removing the pressures of adulthood and allowing myself the time I needed to heal and regain new perspective.

Despite being an extremely difficult time for me, these struggles set me on a path towards my light bulb moment, providing me with an idea that has not only brought me back to life doing something I love, but has also allowed me to highlight the topic of mental illness in a positive and progressive way.

I wanted to establish a highly sort after clothing brand, for people like myself that not only creates quality garments but also delivers a caring message behind the products too and so Heartknoxx and social media movement @mentalhealthistrending was born.”


The leopard is bold, dignified and courageous, often used to symbolise a persons character.

Ever heard of the saying 'A leopard can't change it's spots'?  Well at Heartknoxx, we believe they can!

As the rebel fashion brand with a cause, we wanted to break convention and challenge the status quo.

Aiming to cement ourselves as a desired fashion label that’s isn't afraid to challenge peoples beliefs, we strive to start difficult conversations with our purposeful range of slogan tees, asking our customers;

“How do you define your difference”?

As we believe it’s a persons attitude, that truly brings our designs to life.


Click to View Campaign Video 

@MENTALHEALTHISTRENDING is a social media movement pioneered by HEARTKNOXX and APS Group (creative agency & digital strategists).

Hell-bent on changing the world’s attitudes, the campaign was devised to help generate awareness around mental illnesses using the power of slogan tees to help make statements and start new conversations.

In addition to our tees, we wanted to invite our followers to join our movement and our  #WARRIORWALL to share their own stories of strength, in a bid to normalize conversations around mental illness, flipping the big fat middle finger to stereotypes, stigma and encouraging people to show their true unfiltered selves!

Click to view our warrior wall.

Click to view more videos from our viral campaign  

Current list of celebs that have backed our movement:

Jodie Kidd - Super Model

Erin O'Connor - Super Model 

Tamzin Outhwait - Actress 

Mark Lawson - DJ

Zara Holland - Reality TV Personality

Jamie O'hara - Footballer 

Malin Anderson - Reality TV Personality

The Bloom Twins - Musical Duo

Antonella Uncensored - Mega Influencer

Neil Moody - Celebrity hair dresser 

Cici Coleman - Reality TV Personality

Laura Tott - Reality TV Personality

Ben Shires - TV & Radio presenter

Katie Thistleton - TV & Radio presenter

Austin Ventour - Reality TV Personality

Alex Miller - Reality TV Personality

Bryony Blake - Celebrity Make Up Artist

Rosemary Ferguson - Model 

Dominic Skinner  - Celebrity MUA

Anita Bitton - Model

Piero Piazzi - Model Agent

Wendy Rowe - Celebrity MUA


During my first 9 months of trading I was able to secure a two month pop up concession in Debenhams Mall of Emirates women’s section.  

In this short period of time I was able to achieve a 75% sell through on the 300 units that were injected. This was a great achievement and a great way to test out our newest designs on our customers. 

I am now working towards making this a permanent agreement but cannot continue to do so without adequate funding to purchase a regional selling permit for the UAE market. 

Click here to view the full Virgin Radio interview. 



For the last 12 months I have worked tirelessly to develop a brand with a worthy cause, creating a range of products to the highest quality that not only generates awareness but also gives back.


So far I have managed to do this completely self funded to retain full ownership of my business, fulfilling all existing orders without any external investment. (Something I feel extremely passionate about), however to continue to operate at this rate of growth and maintain quality, I really REALLY need your support.

I’ll use whatever funds I raise, to cover the up front costs involved in producing our first major production run to fulfill multiple retail orders and begin the set up of our new logistics arm of the business to help manage UK and international distribution. 

In addition to this, I intend on building a dedicated support team of equally passionate people who are driven to achieving the Heartknoxx vision and mission of becoming a trusted mental health advocate and an ambassador for positive self esteem.

It is my hope to one day use my brand and my purposeful platform @mentalhealthistrending to aid positive change, creating a website/hub for those struggling with mental illness, to help fund community projects, create new work for the unemployed, to create educational tools and a resource center for the silent sufferers. 

Somewhere those who have/are struggling, can share and learn but most importantly support one another.

If you've read this far, I just want to say a huge thank you for your time. 

I really do hope you'll support me in achieving my dream of one day making Heartknoxx a household name and mental health an every day conversation. 

Sincerely - Founder Helen Hope  xx


Are you with us?!

"When a neighbor turns on their light, suddenly the whole street seems brighter!"



Online Voucher Code 

Heartknoxx is currently managed by a very expensive 3rd party distribution company, which limits certain functions on our website, such as discount codes and free post. 

With your investment we'll be able to grow our team to manage our entire supply chain, opening up a world of possibilities that will benefit our brand and our customers. 

To give us time to make the switch over , voucher codes will therefore only be activated in November. 

Heartknoxx Gift Goody Bag & 

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To give us time to develop our product ranges and explore new more cost effective ways of manufacturing, Heartknoxx Gift Goody Bags and the limited edition tees will only be available in November, but the good news is... that's just in time for the festive season!

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  • - The perfect team uniform for bonding exercises. They make great conversation starters!

Retail Rewards 1, 2 & 3

Fall Winter CADs will be available for customers to make their final selection by July. 

Products will be available for delivery from October.  

Retailers are politely encouraged to take advantage of mixing product reward bundles 1,2,3, in order to create a sizable order and brand presence within your display. 

Branded Sponsor for 1 year 

As one of our corporate sponsors, you'll be featured on our company website, promoted on our @mentalhealthistrending social media channels, within our product presentations and your logo will be included on a specially designed t-shirt, featuring all corporate sponsors. This will be sold online and included within the Heartstrings Collection.  10% of all T sales will be donated to The Mental Health Foundation in the UK.   

Thanks for your support! 


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1 Day Guest Speaker - Founder Helen Hope.

Founder Helen Hope will come speak at any UK based event regarding topics on entrepreneurship or Mental Health. Travel costs not included.

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