Mental Health Friendly Cafe - Social Enterprise

by Joshua Bradwell in Kingswinford, England, United Kingdom

Mental Health Friendly Cafe - Social Enterprise
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The aim of my project Is to provide people with a safe space In order for individuals to speak openly about their mental health and to relax

by Joshua Bradwell in Kingswinford, England, United Kingdom

Hello! My name is Joshua. Last year in 2018 I achieved my dream by becoming a Butlins Redcoat entertainer. It was a very proud moment for me to deliver to hardworking families the memorable times I had on holiday with my family growing up, In July 2018, I went off work sick because of anxiety and depression.


Despite me loving my job at times I just wanted to feel love, I felt lonely and felt i was forever pleasing others. I was talking to a lad called Jack at the time with a potential relationship on the horizon. Jack was previously in a abusive relationship and shared his experiences with me. After Jack talking about his horror I realized i went through the same trauma.


It was a shock to the system! I became very sleepy, anxious, lost self-worth and was unmotivated. I did not know where my life was heading. I was in a very dark place with thoughts of suicide and self-harm. Despite attempts to settle into a relationship with Jack, things were not working for us both and I walked away. I had Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and counselling over the phone and face to face and I then met my partner Brandon. My life started to pick up and I never went back to work for Butlins as I was off sick and my contract ended in November.


In March a started my life again working on the phones at the AA. To start off with it was all new and I was enjoying the shift pattern and work/life balance. I started to become increasingly anxious and suicidal again. I tried to improve my health and worked with my manager to try to make things better but despite all efforts my mental health did not improve. I parted with the company.


Since then things have been on the up. I have a passion for mental health awareness and have been working on a business plan, doing market research in the form of online and pop up cafe's . I looking for create a place for people suffering with anxiety and depression or people which want to escape the busyness of everyday life in order to cleanse the mind. I am looking to bring elements from the outdoors such as plants and water into my cafe and to offer a peaceful place for people to open up to each other, read a book or to take part in a social event such as arts and crafts .

Money Raised will go towards what I need to gather the information and to pay for services from Social Enterprise Start up companies and make my pop-up cafe's better by securing bigger venues. 

My idea has had such a positive impact on people's lives already. I am very confident my project will even save lives . The response to my idea has been overwhelming from the local community. I feel there is a need for my idea and so many others do too. 

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