Mental health awareness

by nicki welsh in Danestone, Scotland, United Kingdom


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To break the stigma that surrounds Mental Health and get people speaking about it, creating change so people don't feel judged.

by nicki welsh in Danestone, Scotland, United Kingdom

So we all know someone who has a mental health issue.

We all know someone who has contemplated suicide, self harmed, been off work because they are stressed, suffering from anxiety, feel like noone cares about them, has panic attacks in social gatherings, feels if they say they are struggling they will be judged and will be outcast for it.

I want to be able to create a safe place, a space where people can go to and feel like someone will listen,someone can have that little support and advice when they need. I already work with various mental health groups through my own interests and would love to be able to give them a little boost to promote what they do, help them create more awareness and help people who feel like they have no safe place have a place they can actually turn to and get help.

Mental health is not an illness you can see but is still one people suffer from daily and they deserve recognition and help.

Mental health is one of the biggest daily issues that face a majority of people. This project is to help people sit up and pay attention to it, let them see the problems, we will never solve this situation if we hide in the dark, it will take perservance, hard work, it will be a roller coaster ride but one that should be taken.

Please help to create a more positive, encouraging environment for those who struggle and for those who might just be on the brink of falling down a slippery slope they have no idea about.

Let's make 'Mental health awareness' happen

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