Mental Health Support Training

by Heather in Southport, England, United Kingdom

Mental Health Support Training


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My aim is to fund my postgraduate master's degree. Poor mental health is becoming a major issue in today's society, I want to tackle that.

by Heather in Southport, England, United Kingdom

I grew up living in a council flat in a very rough part of Liverpool. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety at age 17 and have experienced a lot of bad luck in my life and I am only 21. We couldn't afford mental health support but I had my family and friends around me and offering me support all my life, I am lucky. However, there are people in this world who have absolutely nothing and no one to support them. These people have been though things no one can even imagine, my goal is to help them. My dream of becoming a counsellor or psychotherapist is very difficult to attain as a master's degree is needed. I have almost completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and will be graduating very soon. Master's degrees cost £10,000. Funding is available for master's degrees currently, however it is not enough to pay for my course and living costs, even on the bare minimum. I will do absolutely everything in my power to work for this money, however I would greatly appreciate if anyone could spare even the smallest amount of money as it is going towards a good cause. Thank you very much.

Let's make 'Mental Health Support Training' happen