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Erosion on the Lyke Wake Walk is damaging moorland and undermining ancient monuments. Help us repair it and protect a beautiful landscape.

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Erosion on  the Lyke Wake Walk is damaging moorland and undermining ancient monuments. Help us repair it and protect a beautiful landscape.

The Lyke Wake Walk, a 40 mile challenge walk across the North York Moors, was very popular in the past, and a lot of erosion occurred on sections of the route.

This has not only damaged important moorland (SSSI, SPA etc) but has made following the path (still a popular route) very difficult and the experience of walking this area less than enjoyable. At this section, the path passes very close by some ancient monuments in the form of Bronze Age barrows and an ancient stone cross (Lilla Cross), possibly the oldest stone cross in northern England.


Work to improve the path and make it sustainable would help protect the monuments from erosion, restore a denuded landscape and provide for sustainable access in this iconic area of the North York Moors.

The restoration of this moorland path includes drainage and surface works. This needs further assessment but likely will include path inversion and surfacing as well as flagging.

The aim would be to carry out a full assessment and engage with other experts to ensure the works would be carried out appropriately (e.g. conservation and archaeology colleagues.) Depending on funding a contractor would be engaged with support of National Park staff and volunteers to carry out the work.

Front foot forward

Hitting our target in this campaign is really important to help us tackle this. Without it, we would continue to react to issues as they occur, but this approach is not sustainable and doesn’t give the large benefits of landscape restoration, archaeology protection and greatly improved sustainable access that a ‘whole path’ approach would do.

Please give what you can spare and help us get ahead of this problem instead of continually being on the back foot.

- North York Moors National Park

Please note that should the required target not be met to deliver this project, any monies raised may be rolled over to other projects within the Mend Our Mountains campaign.

Rewards will be continually added to projects over the two month course of this campaign - keep an eye on the BMC's Twitter Feed for updates and announcements. 

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