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An ancient trading route through the heart of Exmoor has become a boggy quagmire, but due to its location your help is needed to repair it.

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On 16th May 2016 we successfully raised £2,500 with 55 supporters in 56 days

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An ancient trading route through the heart of Exmoor has become a boggy quagmire, but due to its remote location your help is needed to repair it. 

Long Chains Combe is situated in the heart of the Exmoor Forest within Exmoor National Park. It is one of the remotest locations within the national park.

The right of way that requires work forms part of the Two Moors Way, which links the national parks of Dartmoor and Exmoor together.  It is also an ancient trading route originally used by pack horses, heading from Lynmouth Harbour up onto the high moor.


The problem

Last year the route became badly eroded due to a combination of high usage and heavy rainfall.  We carried out some works to the route which involved re-grading and reinstating the drains.  However the section from Long Chains Combe has one particularly boggy area due to erosion by water and walkers.  

The stretch of path in question is not that long, but the problem is we require approximately 30 tonnes of stone to repair this path and bring it back to a good standard so that riders, cyclists and walkers don’t sink in the boggy patch.


The solution

Lorries cannot get near the site and any sizeable vehicle with a decent carrying capacity is too wide.  Any smaller machine would need to do countless trips hence causing more erosion on the surrounding access land and right of way.  The only practical solution is to helicopter in the stone, but this is of course expensive.


What your donation will achieve

Without your help this problem is only going to get worse, but we need the funds to be able to tackle it effectively without causing other problems. Please give what you can spare to help us do this.

 - Exmoor National Park


Please note that should the required target not be met to deliver this project, any monies raised may be rolled over to other projects within the Mend Our Mountains campaign.

Rewards will be continually added to projects over the two month course of this campaign - keep an eye on the BMC's Twitter Feed for updates and announcements. 

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