Mend Dartmoor!

An ancient walking and cycling path in Dartmoor has become badly eroded. We need your help to protect peatland, a massive carbon store.

We did it!

On 16th May 2016 we successfully raised £3,915 with 119 supporters in 56 days

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Campaign Backers

Around 18,000 walkers and 6,000 mountain bikers use this path every year. Help to resurface the path and protect the surrounding peatland, a massive carbon store. 

This wonderful stretch of bridleway between Nun’s Cross Farm and Eylesbarrow is no stranger to human feet; over the centuries it has been trodden by miners, monks and many others.


The problem

But today the traffic is heavier than ever, with around 18,000 walkers and 6,000 mountain bikers using it every year, and it has become badly eroded following several wet winters.

It's important to manage this erosion to both keep the path accessible and protect the fragile peatland environment. Dartmoor’s peat has been measured to a depth of seven metres in places and is a massive carbon store.

This project is the second part of an effort to repair the whole route from Princetown to Burrator Reservoir. During the summer of last year we made repairs to the first half of the route up to Nun’s Cross, where erosion had widened to around 7 metres, impacting on the sensitive moorland habitat.


The solution

We will make sympathetic path and erosion repairs using locally sourced materials, carry out drainage work, and install cross drains using local granite, all of which will help to stabilise the path and control erosion.

The money we raise from the Mend Our Mountains campaign will be essential to carrying out this work. The length of path is only about 4 kilometres, but we estimate the total cost of repairing it could be in the region of £200,000 due to the remote and inaccessible location, and the difficulty of transporting materials across a sensitive moorland landscape.


What your pledge will achieve

Funding would ensure that we can get materials out to this remote moorland site and guarantee public enjoyment of this fantastic route into the heart of Dartmoor for years to come.

Without public help we would not be able to complete this work and further wet winters will see a continuation of the severe erosion that this route has already suffered.

 Please help us carry on this vital work.  

- Dartmoor National Park


Please note that should the required target not be met to deliver this project, any monies raised may be rolled over to other projects within the Mend Our Mountains campaign.

Rewards will be continually added to projects over the two month course of this campaign - keep an eye on the BMC's Twitter Feed for updates and announcements. 

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