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On 8th December 2019 we successfully raised £3,750 with 31 supporters in 28 days

Our aim is to resurrect the golden age era! Heavily reliant on set design and costume our project won't be successful without your help!

by Hannah Mingay in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

Memory Lane Musical

Doris, an elderly lady who suffers with Alzheimer's escapes her mundane reality inside a care home, in turn for a Technicolour world of music and memory.

For this project to come to life we are in need of your help to raise £4000. Our budget is big and ambitious due to our heavily reliant set design and costume. 

Meet The Team of Memory Lane:

"I’m Mariah, writer and director of Memory Lane,

A musical genre for a character to escape their pain.

With a love for musical theatre in relation to the silver screen,

Guiding my crew into a technicolour world, I for one am keen!"

“I’m Cristi, Cinematographer of this musical array,

A genre I’ve never explored but here my passions lay.

I have a heart for energy, movement and light,

I cannot wait to capture a world so beautiful and bright"

“I’m Hannah, producer and boss of the show,

Making our film come to life, develop and grow.

With a coffee at hand, a clipboard and pen,

I’ll question who? Why? And when?

“I’m Carl, sound designer for this musical extravaganza,

Ready to resurrect a golden age bonanza.

Composing our title whimsical tune,

Keep an ear out. In cinemas soon!”

“I’m Rosie, editor and art director, 

An avid musical fan and vintage collector.

I’m excited to construct a utopia, so colourful in tone,

But not forgetting reality, since there’s no place like home.”

“I’m Elliot, art assistant of dear Rosie,

I’m only helping out cause I’m really just a bit nosey.

Whilst this is true, I will put forward my passion,

For entering the world of makeup, set and fashion!”

Every donation to this project will be much appreciated! thank you so much for your support!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Welcome to Memory Lane

Your donation of £5 will get you a shout out on our social media.

£15 or more

BTS of Memory Lane

Your contribution of £15 will get you a digital copy of our behind the scenes of the filming of Memory lane, plus previous rewards

£20 or more

The Care Package

The contributor will receive a thank you poster, signed by all crew members, and a shoutout on social media.

£30 or more

Shed of Memories

You will receive a digital copy of the film and a digital copy of the soundtrack, all previous rewards are included.

£40 or more

Read All about it

You will receive a copy of Memory Lanes script, plus all previous rewards.

£50 or more

Go Bananas

If you go banana's and are generous enough to contribute £50 you will receive a memory lane t-shirt , including all previous rewards.

£100 or more

Back to reality

You name will appear in our credits, this includes all previous rewards. (please leave your name when donating!)

£150 or more


You will recieve a Memory Lane prop! all previous rewards are included too!

£500 or more

The Grand Finale

You will be credited in the film as 'executive producer' in our film. Please leave your name when donating.

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