Memorial for my mum

Memorial for my mum

Help fund a memorial for my mother to surprise my dad so he stops feeling bad about not having a headstone for her

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello everyone,
I'm not the type to do this type of thing but it's come to the point where this is my only option.
Last January I lost mother to sepsis along with non Hodgkin's lymphoma. She had a 4 year battle with cancer and she put up the bravest fight but it was not enough. 

My family do not have the funds to buy a memorial for her and although we all work the bills are just too much, we have nothing to remember her by my brother (13) and me (17) at the time found it hard to deal with because we have nothing to go and sit by and just enjoy, and it's eating my dad up inside because he can't do anything about it. 

I would be so so appreciative if we could get just a bit of money that I can put towards the memorial and I hope to surprise my dad with it, 

thank you so much for reading this and donating.