Melting Metal, the future

Melting Metal, the future

To refurbish and replace used foundry Equipment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello! thank you for looking at us. The picture above shows 1kg Aluminium notch bars that are used in the steel industry for improving the quality of steel, be deoxidising it to form killed steel.

The furnace that we use to transform old aluminium residues into reusable metal like this, is currently off line, as it needs a new fume extraction plant and a major overhaul.

The furnace itself is rather unusual as there arent many capable of doing what it does. Most people consider them out dated and too small for production. we want to keep this furnace running, to continue a traditional way of melting thats low cost, though labour intensive that will provide more jobs for new employees within the local community.      

With your help we can achive this. Show interest and the rewards will improve.


Thank you inanticipation.