Ancient Light

Ancient Light

To create analogue photographs of the night sky and aurora borealis for my series "Ancient Light".

We did it!

On 21st Feb 2018 we successfully raised £1,025 with 26 supporters in 28 days

From the 3rd of February 2018 to 27 February 2018, I will attend the SIM Residency, Seljavegur in Reykjavík, Iceland. Here I intend to capture analogue photographs of the stars and aurora borealis, to develop my project "Ancient Light". Through the production of this series of photographs, I consider how light from incredibly distant stars can be captured directly onto photosensitive film.  To do this I will be using a range of films, including high ISO films such as Ilford Delta 3200 and CIR/FFP infrared film.  These film photographs will be then be used to produce high quality darkroom prints. I will also make use of a VLF microphone in the hope of documenting the aurora borealis through sound.

Work resulting from this residency will contribute to my practice-based research degree at the Royal College of Art. I have recently exhibited results from this project within my first two solo shows: First Light (2017) at Leeds Art University and Ancient Light (2018) at Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London. I hope to secure further solo exhibitions in 2018, and to create a small publication. On my return, I will also share results from the residency during a public lecture at the Royal College of Art on 28th February 2018, click here for details.

Why am I asking for your money? 

I am looking to raise money for the production of artworks resulting from the residency, associated travel costs and the residency fee. I currently self fund my practice-based research degree, and all related projects. I am in receipt of no public funding for this venture.

Put simply, the more money I am able to raise from this crowdfunded page, the better quality of work I will be able to produce.


I hope to raise funds mainly through the sale of existing prints and a dedicated event in my studio.

Images of Prints Below:

Original Silver Gelatin Print - from my residency in Iceland (£100)

Earth Photogravure (£250)


Full Moon Photogravure £250


Andromeda Photogravure £100


Kallitype of the Moon £150


Full Moon Print on Dibond £200


Stars On Dartmoor Etching (Trees) £150


Stars on Dartmoor Etching (Chimney) £150


Cyanotype Workshop for up to 10 people £300


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