outdoor adventure career for M.E. sufferer

outdoor adventure career for M.E. sufferer

Setting up as an outdoor instructor to allow others the opportunity to engage with the outdoors

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I am a 26 year old outdoor enthusiast who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ M.E. The link will explain more https://www.actionforme.org.uk/what-is-me/introduction/ 

I am keen to set up my own bussiness offering adventurous activities to others. Mainly coaching kayaking and rock climbing. however, I am currently studying at university so working as well is restricting the time I have to train and engage with these activities. Due to my conditon working takes alot of out me which then has reprocussions on my studying and professional development. 

The business aims to set up a climbing academy for young people giving those the opportunity to take up climbing that wouldn't normally have the opportunity. This will be support by the profit made from the rest of the business. 

Hope you can see it in you to support this cause. 

Thank you