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Meem - An Ethical Mobile Network

Introducing Meem - An ethical mobile network that transforms your mobile phone into a force for good.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £695 with 8 supporters in 97 days


Meem donates 10% of the profit from your SIM-only plan to a charity of your choice. Since our launch 2 months ago, we've received brilliant response and continuing to grow.

There are 3 key aspects to Meem that wins over the support:

  1. Regular charity giving without costing extra
  2. Piggybacking of EE but London based customer service
  3. Competitive pricing

"Save money and save lives." - Suggested by an attendee at a lifestyle expo

dbbd134da8dbd5a2df1845b1106141ab.jpgOur story

The story behind Meem is an accidental one, as Mehedi sat down on his laptop in front of the TV to make payments for utility bills, there was a charity appeal live on TV. They were raising money to buy food parcels for displaced refugees, a parcel would cost £40 and would feed a family for an entire month.

Isn't it strange that we happily make regular payments for things that we don't necessarily need in order to survive yet we think twice when committing to save lives worldwide?

It was a horrible feeling of guilt and that's when the concept of merging bills with charity grew.

225679758e9875f340695b1b7fd47faf.jpgOur impact


Out of 7 billion people on earth nearly 50% live on less that £1.60 per day and almost a billion people worldwide do not have enough to eat. More than 750 million lack access to clean drinking water. A staggering 60 percent of the world’s hungry are women. If this wasn’t alarming enough - 22,000 children die each day due to hunger. Yet there is enough food and clean water for everyone.


We simply don't do enough to help rest of the humanity. We are able to pay our bills yet fall short when giving to charitable causes despite knowing every penny can fight poverty and save lives worldwide.  


We believe it is our duty to fight poverty. We want to foster a community of game changers to bring about economic balance. Together we want to start the change that transforms lives globally by supporting those who are fighting poverty on our behalf.


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About the founder

Mehedi founded a London based creative design agency called The Play Studio back in 2012, specialising in branding, web and animation. Much of the startup cost was reduced by making use of Play services. Meem is run by a strong team of 3 and implemented lean method.

Vote for us today and enable us to change lives worldwide.


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