Medusa's Laugh Documentary

by Elliot Hicks in Falmouth, Cornwall, England

We are university students creating a short documentary about the relationship between gender&sexuality and fashion in London's youth.

by Elliot Hicks in Falmouth, Cornwall, England


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The short documentary we are creating, Medusa’s Laugh, is about the relationship between gender and sexuality, and fashion, specifically looking at London’s youth, in a series of interviews and fashion film shoots. We will focus in on to what regard gender is a construct, and how gendered clothes are now slowly becoming a convention that is being broken. There will be three interviewees, who all have a marginalised gender identity and/or sexuality, and are either art or fashion students in London, and have a unique perspective on their style and fashion in regards to their identity. We aim to spread awareness of this highly important topic, with gendered clothing shaping our everyday existence, and thus try to give both the public, and young creatives a deeper look into how gender identity and sexuality influences fashion. 

The name Medusa’s Laugh was inspired by the feminist book ‘The Laugh of Medusa’ which tells the allegorical tale of Medusa being oppressed by the patriarchy and how she laughed when she realised hunters were about to kill her and grant her escape from confinement. So then the documentary relates to the allegorical feminist story of medusa with the current youthful generation are escaping from confinement of gender confines in regard to fashion, and using their identity to achieve a creative style.

We will use the budget we gain from the crowdfunding process to spend on location hire, music licensing, props, set decorations, paying our interviewees, travel costs and any other expenses that will benefit our documentary film. Due to the ambitious scale that the project has in many regards; the locations in London, the subjects, the fashion film aesthetic - we deem it necessary to use Crowdfunder as university students with an unparalleled passion for this documentary.

The crew comprises of Elliot Hicks as the director, Rosie Murphy as the editor, Mariah Cole as the sound design and Lily Keogh as the cinematographer, with all the members of the team conducting a different aspect of producing. 



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