Raising funds to support less fortunate parents who need to medicate their children on a regular basis. Along with more Medi products

We did it!

On 13th May 2016 we successfully raised £505 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Project aim

Bringing the MediClock to the forefront of parents and carers to support with the accurate timing of medicines.

Be it to remind carers to administer medication, or to avoid overdosing scenarios. Timing of medication is extremely important, when you have busy lifestyles and plenty to think about having peace of mind with the MediClock giving you confidence with things that you do.

Raising further capital to also bring to market other Medi products that will support with further with health & safety and peace of mind.


About the project

You can either secure yourself your own MediClock, or alternatively donate the MediClock to a children's charity so it can be donated to families less fortunate so they can use the MediClock with the medication of their children. 


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