Medicine degree > future doctor

by Potential Dr in London, England, United Kingdom

Medicine degree > future doctor


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Fund a student through medical school to become a doctor, so she can give help those who need medical attention and give back to society.

by Potential Dr in London, England, United Kingdom


It has been my dream and ultimate goal for the longest time to become a doctor, however I have always been short of enough to get into medical school. I’ve persevered through repeating alevels and taking a gap year whilst going through traumatic events and the loss of loved ones, but my grades were not enough for the competitive medicine degree, only decent enough to at least get into university for a different degree which was paid for through student loans.

With a career in medicine still in sight, I redeemed myself being on track for 2:1 and above in my degree. My hard work is paying off and I will now fulfil the academic and extra curricular entry requirements for graduate entry medicine. During my studies, I was the representative for my course, a student ambassador and volunteered for two years in many different roles, acquiring a wealth of experience in hospitals, St John’s Ambulance Cadets, a food donation bank, helping charities that work with disabled people, the elderly (AgeUK) children with learning difficulties (Kith with Kids) and people with dementia (Alzheimer’s society)

Since medicine will be my second undergraduate degree, unfortunately there are no loans for this so I have to find a way to self fund.

I am the first generation born in the UK in my family. My family comes from poor educational backgrounds and get by in work that doesn’t require a good level of English. It is just about enough to get by but has no way of funding a medicine degree, which would be 4-5 years long. On average, tuition fees alone costs £9250 a year, and that has yet taken into account the fees for accommodation and maintenance.

I am working part time to help save up but it is not enough to cover all the costs. I would honestly really appreciate any support that you can provide to help me reach my goal, even partially funding the tuition fees would help tremendously.

I have a huge amount of love for our society and cannot stand to see people not get the help they need. I do my utmost to help anyone who needs help. A medicine degree will equip me with the skills and knowledge to save lives. Help me, to help you, everyone.

Thank you for reading my story.

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