Creating a Medicine and Food Forest in Hungary

by Muji, Adri and Rafi in Pilisszentlászló, , Hungary

Creating a Medicine and Food Forest in Hungary


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To create a Medicinal and Food Forest Garden to supply food during the year and to grow medicinal plants for a range of herbal products.

by Muji, Adri and Rafi in Pilisszentlászló, , Hungary

I was trained as a Pharmacist but soon after moved the the world of medicinal plants and Medical Herbalism. I’ve recently managed a herbal growing project in Devon, UK going from seed to final product and now we plan to do the same here in the beautiful forested mountains of Hungary.

Instead of creating a monocultural bed system of plants, we are designing a forest garden system, arranging food and medicinal plants together, not discriminating too harshly between them, but rather prioritising the plants’ ability to grow well with each other, in aerial space and also underEarth in root space. 

We aim therefore to create a harmonious ecology that is more wholesome and will mirror the way we heal ourselves and others with these plants.

The money that is generated by this campaign will go to purchasing seeds, shrubs and trees as well as materials required for the greenhouse, propagation and paths throughout the garden.

The Forest Garden model is gaining more attention but the application and integration of medicinals is rather new, (or lost and needing rediscovering), and therefore the developmental stages of this garden will be documented for research purposes in order to help garner field knowledge of growing medicinal plants in this way. 

This project intends to be the forerunner of more, likely larger, project sites around Europe and so our research aims intend to address issues such as; harvesting yields, essential oil concentrations of various cultivars, useful companion planting combinations, (i.e polycultures and guilds that could be replicated) and harvesting techniques and timings.

The project would also be grounds for a healing retreat in the future, and this is one of the main aims of establishing the garden and the herbal products coming out of it.

It would be possible to also teach in the garden, not only about the plants healing potential, but also how they are living, growing and dying together in the Forest Garden model.

This National Geographic video shows Martin Crawford as he demonstrates the principles of a forest garden. Forest Gardening makes sense and feels so beautiful, on many levels; whether it be considerations of production, time, energy input, changing climate, soil health and fertility, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, water management, insect and pest management, ‘weed’ control, the social and cultural implications of complex forest systems or the healing magic of Forests and the totality of Spirit found in a Garden of Nature.

Thank you for considering to fund us monetarily and, if you cannot, at least send us a blessing for the project.

In Peace

Muji, Adrienn and Rafi


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