Medical Freedom Bill: Help us Protect our Rights

by Save Our Rights UK in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 6th May 2021 we successfully raised £62,500 with 2385 supporters in 28 days

Save Our Rights UK are campaigning to lobby the Prime Minister and all MPs to pass a Medical Freedom Bill to protect our bodily autonomy.

by Save Our Rights UK in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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Amanda Alexander 6th May 2021

Thank you for all the work you're doing. I am very concerned about the moral panic that has infected so many, and that the UK is sleep-walking into an Orwellian future where bodily autonomy, democracy and freedom disappear.

Sabrina Sullivan 6th May 2021

I have travelled freely between my homes in London and Dublin for decades - I am restricted now- having to have many tests to prove that I am not diseased - when clearly I am not. Back to normality please - Good luck!

jim 6th May 2021

100% support you against this criminal government - they will eventually be arrested.

David William Lowe 6th May 2021

I consider the introduction of "vaccine passports" or more generally any kind of health status certification as clearly orthogonal to democratic principles. The only parties to be benefiting from the technocratic "checkpoint society" that this is in danger of devolving into, are the big-tech companies and the world's few billionaires at the expense of our freedom. The mandating of medical procedures violates just about every human rights convention ever written, and needs legislation to prevent it.

Joanne McMahon 6th May 2021

Thanks for giving us a chance to get our voice back they tried to silence us over Brexit. This is far more important if we tolerate this then our children will be next

Janet Long 6th May 2021

Right behind you. These evil people have no right to do this. My health is confidential not for all the world to see. Good luck. We will win.

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