Medical nutritional drinks manufacturer

by Ryan Rodrigues in London, England, United Kingdom

Medical nutritional drinks manufacturer


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Our goal is to manufacture cost-effective medical nutrition supplements locally for the NHS hospitals.

by Ryan Rodrigues in London, England, United Kingdom

Anaiah Healthcare (AHC) has endeavoured on this project to be UK’s first medical nutrition drinks manufacturer.  Our goal is to reduce the costs of supplements, reduce expenditure budgets for hospitals, and reduce carbon footprint by manufacturing locally.   

Our journey started with developing our own packaging, our own formulation, testing our products, conducting trials on  our products, to the finished products that are ready to market and sell.   We have developed paediatric, adult and specialist products (such as diabetes, COPD disease, oncology), and continue to develop more products.

Our products (EnergieShake Powder, EnergieShake Complete, EnergieShake Dessert, EnergieShake Advance) are ACBS approved, and listed for prescription in the NHS with the local GPs on the Drugs and Tariff list.  To this day we have secured the NHS supply chain contract for 2 years (starting in 2021), and therefore can now market and sell our products to hospitals in the UK.  All our products are developed and owned by Anaiah Healthcare    

We have passed the £1 million mark for sales consecutively for the last 2 years. We sell to countries in Europe as well as Saudi Arabia.  Our products are approved in countries such as UK, Greece, Malta, and Saudi Arabia.  

Our goal was to manufacture and develop our products locally in the UK, and are, therefore, the first manufacturer of medical nutrition drinks in the UK.   This reduced our dependency on European manufacturers and imports.  We have set up our own manufacturing site and technology for a medical nutrition factory. 

At this stage, funding is required to complete the clean rooms.  Because of COVID restrictions, we have had limitations with supply, availability of engineers, and increase in prices of ingredients.  But having our own manufacturing site, we have been able to streamline our processes.

At AHC for 2021, we are looking to increase our staff members. 

 Quick summary:

  • AHC’s first medical nutrition manufacturing site in UK reduces costs for NHS hospitals
  • AHC has developed adult, paediatric and specialist feed medical nutrition products.
  • AHC’s products are approved by the ACBS board for prescription by NHS, Malta, Greece, Saudi Arabia
  • Being first local manufacturer in the UK will reduce NHS costs as products will be available locally, and eliminates import duties.
  • AHC has secured the NHS supply chain contract for 2 years beginning in 2021
  • AHC are able to develop and produce nutrition products for the supermarket chain as well as export products to other countries.
  • AHC will increase staff members in 2021.


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