Medical glasses needed

by Aaron mahon in Uxbridge, England, United Kingdom

Medical glasses needed
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise money for medical glasses that are not on the NHS.

by Aaron mahon in Uxbridge, England, United Kingdom

Hi my name is Aaron Mahon, and i worked as a baggage handler at an airport (which I cannot name as I have an impending case) 

On 8th April 2017, a pilot of a plane was in a rush and decided to flash the nose gear lights of the plane 3 times. 3000wtts in total were shined directly into my eyes as I worked on the plane.

It went against all procedures and burnt my eyes, I had Three burn patches in each eye. This has effected my sensitivity to light, UV light (daylight), LED lights (often found in car headlights) or high powered lights in general.

I am very limited to where I can go because my eyes sting, burn, and weep at the slightest exposure to light and become really sore because I feel like I have to keep rubbing them as they become so irritated.

I have had numerous hospital appointments (and still ongoing) since my accident, but have only been able to gain a diagnosis of keritaritis, for which doesn't explain why I am still suffering.

Only recently have I been pointed in the direction of a support worker based at my local hospital.

I have never been given any kind of medical glasses to shield my eyes and allow me to live a normal life. This support worker handed me a catalogue of medical glasses that are made specifically for people like me.

The NHS doesn't fund such glasses, or any glasses for that matter, unless you are blind. Those kind of glasses won't help me at all. 

It is with a sad heart that I have had to even resort to this, but I cannot afford to pay for the glasses I so desperately need. Please can you help me live a reletively normal life again. Thank you

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