Medical Fund for Beating Lyme Disease

Medical Fund for Beating Lyme Disease

Im trying to rise funds so that me and my mom can revieve and good Treatment for our lyme Disease.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
First of all, hello to all People who are reading this right now.
 I really seek help for funds for me an my mom to safe her and me from this disease.

At first the Story of my beloved mom.

I never saw my mum healthy in all my life in here on this Planet.
In my childhood, my biggest fear was coming home and finding my mother not living anymore.
I cried nearly every night because I had such big fears this could happen and these fears are still going on and now I am 23 years old.
My dream is do see my mom healthy in a good mood again drawing and making art again.
My mom has so many health Problems/issues, many of them she has had all her life from childhood on:
Right after she has born my sister she had very dangerous complication which made her loss so much blood that she fell in coma and the need of getting blood transfusion. After the blood transfusion, she got many health issues and nearly died that night. Many of these new symptoms never got healed. From that day on she never got well again. She got chronic Pain syndrome and inflammation all over her body, chronic lung inflammation, chronic asthma with lesser lung volume (As low as 50%), and immune failure/weakness which causes her to hardly ever leaving the house because of the risk infect from other people and then getting sick again. Even little infections like a flu can be really risky.
She has Fibromyalgia too.
Now my mom has many Neurologic Problems too.
She got very deaf and has an ongoing tinnitus, many eye sight problems and one eye sinked quite a bit down in the head because of her face paralysis.
During the day, she gets deaf hands and feet, all the symptoms are switching because of the life cycles of the Borrelia and co infections.
Very often digestion problems and food allergies.
Heart problems because of the oxygen defect.
My mother isn’t able to work.
All Doctors she went said she is untreatable and should take medication for Depression.
No doctors in the past where willing to help her, because they don’t believe in chronic Lyme disease.  (Now we found a good doctor)
And now in the year 2017 it turned out that the blood must be infected with Borrelia, Epstein Bar, HPV (Herpes Virus Type 6), and some others co infections.
Now she got Diagnosed in April 2017 with Lyme Infections (Borrelia) and some Co Infections.

Many things got worse in the year 2016 because her husband and my beloved father died and suddenly tragic death.
here is an shrine that my mother made:

We had a House and now we had to leave the house with nearly no money left. Now we live in a flat in the city because we don’t have much time to search for a better thing and couldn’t effort anything better. She has to take care of her little daughter which is my sister too.

We lost the complete house and the car. All ways to doctors are very long taking and hard because we need to take the train most of the time to the next city which takes up to 3 hours and a half and for the clinic 7 hours and 7 hours back.
As my mother was better in health she liked to make art and draw many beautiful Paintings, she even had her own atelier in our old house.
She would like to Draw again but now in the current situation and health issues she is unable to do it because her hands are swollen most of the times so bad she can’t turn her hands.

Here are one Picture she has drawn in the year 2006:

I hope she can do it again one day.

Here is my part of the story:
In my youth, I was nearly never sick and really healthy, I did much sports, I bicycled minimum 30 minutes every day, played football and table tennis. I can say I was a really active Person.
I had a good job and everything went well.
In the year 2012, I had a bite from a tick.
The doctors couldn’t diagnose anything that time.
So I went home and doesn’t thought about that.
But then it slowly happened that I got very tiered, everyday a little bit more and the chronic fatigue started.
here is a photo of me from the year 2012 where it all stardet:

Currently i dont look goodim very thin now, ongoing bald spots on the head and very pale skin, and psosaris on the face...

In the year 2013, I got a heart failure too which still persist. (All Symptoms I mention here still persist) with now a heart neurosis. Very often anorexia.

I got sick so often nearly every month I had an infect which last minimum 1 week and up to 2 and even 3 weeks sometimes. My immune System got weaker and weaker.

I had to lie so much in bed that I lost 8 kg one time after I had a 3-week lasting infect.

I got more and more sinus infections and now it is chronic not chronic in that sense that I have it every month or 2 month, rather everyday my complete sinus is so much in pain because of inflammation. There is so much mucus every day that comes down my throat it is really horrible.

The chronic inflammation is on the Tonsils too, so they are swollen and have inflammation everyday too. (No antibiotics healed anything)

The inflammations went down in the throat and lungs too. I have so much mucus in the longs too that I have to cough very often that the mucus comes out. I terrible lung pain too.
I have a psoriasis permanent on spots on my face and all over the whole had.
My hair I started falling out so much that I’m going bald.
I can’t control my weight I’m very thin now cause no matter what I eat I don’t gain weight.
When I get up in the morning I feel like I don’t have any sleep.
I feel like I have fever during the most time of the day.
I feel like Im sick all the time and never get well.
I can’t do any sports because of I don’t have any power and my heart begins to have arrhythmia when I do too much.
I had to quit my work because I’m so down most of the day I can’t do anything.
I really feel like I’m an old Person, not like a 23 old.
I very often feel like im dying very soon.
It’s so terrible when you don’t have any money to even help your mother.
I got diagnosed in April 2017 too with Lyme-Borreliosis and following Co-infections: EBV/CMV/HSV (Epstein Barr, Cytomegalies Virus, Herpes Simplex Virus), Chlamydia pneumoniae and Coxsackie-Virus.
I tried so much treatments and was at many doctors. I spent my entire saved money for me and my mom but now I don’t have any earnings left.
I forgot how it feels to just be healthy…

But there is a chance a rally big chance to get well again, there are treatments nowerdays that cure Borreliosis.

So, I please seek help from all people who are willing to help.
The Treatment is very expensive because we must pay for everything for ourselves)
The medication alone is very expensive up to 2600 € for us both.

Than we need a blood clearance which is called Apheresis in Germany up to 10 treatments each.

Some blood tests to control if the treatment is good.

Cryotherapy for the chronic tonsils infection 3 times 1000 € each.

Neural therapy.
Light Therapies and many other Treatments like lymph drainage etc.

Then we need get to a clinic in Germany Every 2 Month wich is called SophiaHealth Institue wich is foundet from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. cost 2000 per month for 2 Persons.

Here on the site you can read about the concept.

and treveling all the way to germany by train.

Without people with a big heart like here that are helping to fund others it is not possible for me and my mother to get well again.
This all is the reason I created this fund here and really ask for help.
Please people help me and my mother to get well and healthy again.

Thank you all, thank you for even reading this

And every donation counts no matter how small.

Much love to all out here Sayhan Rossmann

may god bless you all!

I would like to post regular updates.
I hope i can make videos of the healing progess.
Help spread the word!