Seeking Justice

by Justice in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Seeking Justice


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To pay for a medical expert witness to assess my medical needs following failure by my previous school

by Justice in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Having change schools to redo year 10 I had made a good start and after the first term had settled in well. I didn't have any detentions and was very well behaved in class. I got along with all of my teachers and didn't even need one extension for homework, as I always handed it in on time. Mum was pleased with my progress and so were my teachers.

Then a false accusation was made against me. A girl made a serious allegation against me which she quickly retracted admitting to the fact that she had made it all up and that none of what she had said was true. My mum and I thought that was that and that I could go back to school the next day as I had not done anything wrong, However the school thought otherwise and decided to permanently exclude me. This had a massive impact on me. I felt isolated as my friends told me they couldn't communicate with me anymore because the school had told them not to. This led me to a very dark place where i didn't know what to do anymore. I started to self harm and was referred to CAMHS as an urgent patient. I was really worried about my GCSE's as work wasn't sent home - I had to constantly email my teachers and tutor for work to be sent. What little work was sent did not meet my Special Educational Needs. 

The worst part is that the school decided to ignore information from the police, who had quickly dropped the case, and decided to expel me. The school did not advise other students that the allegations were untrue and so pupils assumed that I had been charged and I was subjected to a trial by social media with the pre-determined verdict of being guilty.

My Mum tried to challenge the unjust decisions of the school and so the school  tried to stop me getting in to another school by giving false information about me. My Mum couldn’t cope with the unfairness of what they were doing and had a major breakdown. I have now finally started at a new school but I have mot only had to start new GCSE courses but have missed the first year of GCSE”s

We are both suffering from Anxiety, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress as a result of what the school have put us through.We are taking this case to court as we want to ensure that no other child is treated so appallingly by this school. To do this we need to instruct a Medical Expert Witness to conduct an assessment of the impact on me. We are seeking changes to policies and procedures to stop other children being victimised . I am also in desperate need of tutors to help me catch up on the work that I have missed. 

Please help me to get justice and ensure no other child suffers at the hands of this school.