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A yearly subscription service which gains consumers 30% off their medical treatment (Hospital, Pharmacy & Scans)

by Aid the poor in Egypt with basic necessities in Gamston, England, United Kingdom

The team consists of three members, the idea is to create a yearly subscription service which allows our consumers to receive a 30% discount across the biggest hospitals, pharmacies and scans in the gulf. We are in discussions with four hospitals, four pharmacies and four scans in Egypt where we plan to begin our service. We have chosen Egypt due to immense opportunity it holds up for such a service. Medical insurance companies are our only competition and this the cost of insurance is extremely high, this leaves us room to enter & dominate the market. Our connections with the top doctors of the country will also definitely help us dominate this part of the market. 

We work closely with a huge hospital in Egypt called 'HIFU', this hospital specialises in cancer treatments using the new HIFU method. The director is a close friend and was our first partnered hospital. 

Our service will be used through an app which is currently under development and along side thing, a website and social media handles will also be produced. Insurance companies still use subscriptions cards, this means we'll be the first online based provider which provides our customers with ease of use due to the fact the app can be accessed from anywhere. 

We currently have a capital investment of $436,000 but we're look for investments to help market the service the best possible way. We would also be using the investment to help for upcoming salaries for call centre staff etc. 

Let's make 'Medical discount Subscription' happen

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