Media Manager

Media Manager

We aim to develop a media platform to bridge the gap between protocols and devices, letting consumers stream from and to anything!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

With an ever increasing number of devices being used in our daily life, it is ever more important to find new ways to integrate them.

If you have ever had a video on a mobile device that you wanted to see elsewhere, or wanted to share a screen onto your television, then you will appreciate the power of being able to stream images and sound.

This server and application will be able to setup a wireless network that can send specific sound streams to your wireless home cinema system as well as splitting out sound streams to bluetooth speakers. This will give you the greatest level of control over streaming media that you have ever had.

The web enabled interface will let users be able to manage their media, backup dvds, stream to any device and manage sound and video streams in a way that has never been possible before including screen sharing.