Medals Reunited

Medals Reunited

To purchase, research and reunite WW1 medals with the families of those who were awarded them.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

How many times have you been browsing online that well known auction site, or rummaging around a nice second hand shop on holiday when you have come across a rather worn, dirty and lonely war medal? Look around the edge and you will see the person it was awarded to,  sadly long forgotten. Who were they, what happened to them and how did this valuable bit of family history end up lost? 

Im a family historian with 20 years experience and this project started off as a one off to help my children understand the First World War. With so many centenaries upon us it was an idea that came about just to get an idea of some of the soldiers and poeple involved. Although we mostly reunite medals from WW1 we have also looked at some from WW2 and the Boer War. The families on the recieving end are univerally overwhelmed, and the sad fact is that many of the combatants have been forgotten by their desendents only a century on. We not only reunite the medals with their rightful owners but where possible we help build up a picture of their lives and in some circumstances thier deaths.

Any donations recieved go directly towards the purchase of medals and tracking down the rightful owners. We like to think that this project 'pays it forward'.