Mechanic Business Startup!! Thanks in Advance

Mechanic Business Startup!! Thanks in Advance

I am trying to raise money to go self employed as a mechanic. I want to offer customers a reliable, friendly and affordable Service.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been tinkering around with cars from a very young age and I have also known from the age of 12 I would like to septup my own business. 

I first started working in the trade properly when I was 14 years old back in 2012.  Where I done 2 years working fof a local garage on work expereince 1 day a week. 

I then went to vauxhall main dealer and Gained my NVQ LvL2 and My Silever tech award.

Since then I have worked in local garages knowing in the back of my mind I just wanna do my own thing.

I have tryed to secure loans from various banks but unfortnately had no success. My family aren't in a position to help.

I currently have all my own tools and the £7000 would cover:

A deposit for a unit.

All of the equipment I need.

And Marketing cost.


I'd be offering the following servies:


I would Like to offer these most garage based and mobile where I can.


Thanks in Advance!