The Means To An End Project

The Means To An End Project

The Means To An End Project - Sierra Leone.

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Sierra Leone is an extremely poor African nation with tremendous inequality in income distribution. While it possesses substantial mineral, agricultural, and fishery resources, its economic and social infrastructure is not well developed, and serious social disorders continue to hamper economic development. About two-thirds of the working-age populations engages in subsistence agriculture. Manufacturing consists mainly of the processing of raw materials and of light manufacturing of the domestic market. Alluvial diamond mining remains the major source of hard currency earnings, accounting for nearly half of Sierra Leone's exports. The fate of the economy depends upon the maintenance of domestic peace and the continued receipt of substantial aid from abroad, which is essential to offset the severe trade imbalance and supplement government revenues.

The Project

2016 will see us launch the MeansToAnEnd Project. This Initiative will help improve sustainable education in one of the most naturally rich countries in the world. We believe it's imperative for the development of humanity that individuals are educated enough to make informed and thoughtful choices about the world that they live in, and they themselves have the ability and confidence to push for equality and pursue any opportunities, regardless of ethnicity, wealth or location.

The Project will also push for improvements in regulating Diamond mining within Sierra Leone. Currently 4% of world Diamonds are produced and sold to fund war and conflict within developing countries. It has also seen over 3 million deaths which are attributed to conflict diamond mining. The project seeks to develop a FairTrade Diamond initiative (just like the Fairtrade items you find in your local supermarket) and we believe workers should be able to operate in a safe environment and should be paid a fair wage; which currently stands at cripplingly low £0.07 a day (In conflict areas).

Deforestation is also a big problem in Sierra Leone. Currently 38.45% of Sierra Leone is covered by forest. However, expansion of cattle grazing, and slash-and-burn agriculture have resulted in soil exhaustion, with the past civil war also having a huge impact on the depletion of natural resources.

We will also attempt to create a scholarship which will allow exceptional individuals within Sierra Leone access to education. Alongside this, the creation of a mutual exchange program between Universities in Sierra Leone and Universities in the UK will be imperative to the success of the program.

The project aims to offer rehabilitation and help to individuals who have been affected by war and conflict within the region. Doing this will ensure healthier and thriving societies.

More of our aims can be read below.

Our Aims (In order)

  1. Provide 10,000 academic books to the library in the University of Makeni, Sierra Leone.
  2. Provide 2,000 Educational stationery supply packs to local schools in Makeni, Sierra Leone.
  3. Plant 100,000 trees across Sierra Leone to combat deforestation, overharvesting of timber and the threat to indigenous wildlife.
  4. Create a month long student exchange program with Universities in Sierra Leone and the UK. Students interested in Development studies will be able to work with Academics through a mutual exchange.
  5. Match academic tutors in the UK with academic tutors in Sierra Leone. Sharing expertise is key to expanding the knowledge base for both countries.
  6. Create Means To An End Scholarships with external charitable funding. This will allow exceptional and inspirational individuals in Sierra Leone to pursue academic interests where otherwise it would not have been financially possible.
  7. Provide any additional support to child soldiers or individuals who have been physically and mentally affected by war and conflict.
  8. Push for improved regulations within the Diamond industry, more specifically better working conditions and a fairer wage.
  9. Make companies accountable and ethically responsible for the attainment of their natural resources and raw materials.
  10. Improve knowledge of Malaria prevention techniques and supply 2000 households with Mosquito nets.

Join us to make this a reality

The Means To An End project is an amazing initiative, not only for Sierra Leone as a country but for cultural links between the UK and a developing nation. With your help and support, we do genuinely believe our aims are attainable. Unlike similar schemes, we aren't treating this as a charity event, we see this as a project and the regeneration of a nation. You will be able to actually see where your money is going, and how it's improving the lives of poor individuals in rich countries. 

The website will be launching in early January, 2016.

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