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Me, Myself and I: Therapy for Individuals

by Marion Lakah in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

Me, Myself and I: Therapy for Individuals


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Providing individual therapy sessions to children and young people from aged 5 who have experienced a variety of emotional difficulties

by Marion Lakah in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

We are The Mary Dolly Foundation, a charity based in Bromley North (Greater London) and it is our vision to promote and provide opportunities for real change for parents, families and children and young people with additional needs in order to alleviate the effects of emotional distress and mental strain. We wish to encourage independence, dignity and choice for those in positions of economic and/or emotional deprivation. 

Your contribution will help The Mary Dolly Foundation to provide support, counselling and therapeutic activities to children, families and persons from all backgrounds and from any country, including asylum seekers and refugees. With the increasing number of children and young people feeling unable to cope with increasing pressures of home, school and social media, we want children and young people to be able to access constructive, appropriate  therapeutic  support via our project Me, Myself and I: Therapeutic Support for Individuals.  

We want to crowdfund to cover the therapeutic sessional worker costs (individual session costs), clinical supervision (supporting qualified and unqualified therapists and counsellors) and administrative cost towards the project. Over the course of one year, individual sessions will be provided with clinical and administrative support. NB: All therapeutic sessional workers and accredited clinical supervisors adhere to the BACP code of ethics. 



The Mary Dolly Foundation wants to:- 

  • Address and prevent self-harm and the increasing pressures that children and young people face in their day to day lives
  • Work with children, young people, adults and families to prevent negative behaviours from escalating into violence, knife crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Work with children, young people and adults to prevent negative feelings manifesting into self-harm or violence towards others. 
  • Work with children, young people, adults and families in order to both inform and protect regarding mental, physical and sexual health so as to improve life chances of children by reducing the under 18 conception rate
  • Improve the life chances of children by reducing the abuse of alcohol, drugs and other addictive substances
  • Improve the life chances of children by reducing the risk of sexual exploitation
  • Support families through times of stress in order to prevent the disintegration of family units.



This is a testimonial from Paul, aged 20 who has been attending counselling for over 2 years: 

“I suffered with anxiety in previous years growing up. From the age about 17 up to maybe a year ago, so a number of years. I was living away from home at the time and it all kicked off and my mum was seriously ill. She had cancel, so did my aunt. I was at University and I was enjoying being there, but I never really felt free of what was going on at home and you almost feel like a burden I suppose. So I don’t really feel like I got a chance to do my own thing and live for myself which sounds selfish but every day I was unsure as to how I would get on. Where I would go to the Cinema with my friends, and then suddenly feel like I couldn’t breathe or just lying in bed just unable to move for whatever reason, and that is as bad as it got. I went to Lewisham Hospital just to talk to someone, anyone I could talk to because I was so afraid of the anxiety itself, it was a vicious circle. People do make light of the condition, family will make light of your condition, friends will make jokes and I make jokes because it is the only way you have to laugh about it otherwise you just cry.  

Before counselling here, I was definitely at my lowest. I had finished University and I was proud to have got through such a difficult period of time. I didn’t think that I would struggle the way I did after University. I didn’t have an instinct to do anything, I was lying in bed and I had no concept of time or what I need to do and not even go and eat something. I didn’t want to do anything and that was the most upsetting time for me. 

I wasn’t sad, happy, depressed and I was not excited for anything. I was just there and it was absolutely awful. 

I forced myself to talk to my mum about it and she referred me here [Mary Dolly Foundation].  

Coming to a counselling session, talking to someone, allowing you to bounce your own thoughts off of somebody else so simplistic but it works so well. You can come up with answers together to solutions to questions you would not normally be able to by yourself. It helps me make sense of my own thoughts, put things in order and I can see a goal again. After these sessions sometimes life gets in the way and things get a little blurry and you are caught up in the stress of work or whatever your situation is at home, but if you come to these counselling sessions and it takes you out of that place separate to everything that goes on and it allows you, for that hour, to just sit, breathe and think and digest. I always leave my counselling sessions with greater understanding of myself and what I need to do and to maintain my goals. Focussed and to achieve and succeed and that’s what we all want. 

I couldn’t recommend a better therapy service, been beyond helpful, staff are incredibly friendly, incredibly professional, and I have never felt judged coming here and it has been so easy to talk to people. 

Please donate for this project as this will reach out to children and young people in a similar position to me. Your donations do make a difference”.



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