MD Super Dad

MD Super Dad

To raise money for a wheelchair for my amazing Dad from Shaw, who has Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.

We did it!

On 23rd May 2017 we successfully raised £1,433 with 39 supporters in 56 days

This is my Dad Darren, he's awesome! He's funny, silly, supportive, caring and one of the most important people to me in the world!  He hates it when people are sad and will do all he can to cheer you up.  Last week I had received bad news, whilst at the petrol station he pressed his face against my window and blew a raspberry, to which I couldn't help but laugh.  He's really nosey, he loves a bit of gossip, and even has his chair positioned so he can see what's going on on the street. Dad loves ice hockey and drives all over the country to watch it, he collects hockey cards and watches American Hockey too.  Dad is also a Manchester City fan, I'd say the less said about them the better!  Dad runs about in the car all over after me and my children and as much as Dad pretends to pull his face and moans he loves us all being together.

A write up from Super mum:

I appreciate everything what everyone is doing to help and I know not everyone can donate, can I just request you share.
Darren Freeman is 50 years old, he was diagnosed with LGMD (Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy) 15 years ago at 35. It took 3 years to get the diagnosis, after he started falling for apparently no reason. When they started tests on him he was like a rabbit in the head lights. Darren been through all sorts, he's been pushed, pulled, prodded, poked, biopsy(s), samples taken of everything going you can imagine and more. He now doesn't bat an eyelid at the things they do to him, he now laughs and jokes with them while they do their stuff.
The wheelchair we currently has is unsuitable for his needs and, if I'm honest, it always has been. We bought it blind, by that I mean we were told he had to have a wheelchair for his own safety outside. We were advised at the shop the chair was ideal for his needs and on special offer. Yes I Know.... gullible, as the chair was mainly an indoor chair.
Darren is deteriorating now to the point sitting to standing is a huge struggle. Walking inside is dangerous too. We have a through floor lift, a wet room, ramps, doors widened and a hoist in the bedroom and living room. We have been advised he needs to be in is chair 100% of the time now.
The chair he needs now has to support his hips, legs, feet in the correct position. Support his back. Aid him to upright position. It needs to be made special for him and for comfort to avoid sores. Also suitable for indoors and outdoors.
As you can imagine this does not come cheap. Yes we are on benefits and now have zero savings. I care for Darren 24/7. I LOVE him very much. He does sooo much for all of us in the family and his Daughter Kirsty, Grandchildren Niamh, William and Isabelle adore him.
Yes we nickname him 'Grumpy' but I can assure you he is funny, warm, kind and generous.

Prior to Dads diagnosis of MD he had worked as a painter and decorator for Lees Brewery from leaving school.  Dad rarely had a day off work as he thought you had might as well be at work and getting paid while being ill.  He was brought up with good old fashioned values as you can see. 

If we are lucky enough to raise more that the £5000 any money left over will go to Mum and Dads house. They have had walls ripped down and rooms made smaller for the adaptations, but the end result is my Dad can happily and easily move around in his home.  The problem they have now is the aftermath of all this work, nearly two years on and they can't afford to get the re decorating done and they have bare plaster walls everywhere in the house.   The pointing on the house is in desperate need of doing and is causing damp in the house, which is affecting my Mums asthma.  The damp would stop the decorating being done even if they had the money for it. 

This is a bit of a pickle as you can see from above and that's why I want your help.

I want my Dad and Mum to have the best quality of life possible without stress as far as their home and Dads mobility are concerned.

Don't forget that he is Super Dad!!   Please help however you can.

P.S, I'm not physically able to help them as I have had some bad luck myself and I'm awaiting an operation.   

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