MCS-Building Community Spirit

MCS-Building Community Spirit

To support our growing work with young people across Manchester & To support the work of the Manchester Black History Festival

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 3:20pm 26th August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 3:20pm 26th August 2018

Nearly 1 million young people are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) in the UK. As well as costing the UK economy an estimated £34 billion a year. Unemployment negatively impacts a young person in the long-term, affecting their mental health and well being, self-esteem and future earnings.

Manchester Community Spirit has been delivering specialist Arts projects to disadvantaged young people over the past 5 years in Levenshulme.  We offer a range of holistic services to some of the hardest to reach young people, who often feel marginalized and do not have a safe space to go to outside of their homes and school. Young people then feel isolated, lonely, have low aspirations and this can often lead to low self esteem, anti social behaviour, poor mental health and can affect their future education and work in later years. Having consulted with our young people and looking at the needs within the local area of Levenshulme and what young people would like to see in their local community we offer a range of services  to assist young people to flourish, develop new skills, build positive relationships, raise aspirations, give young people a voice and to allow them to access vital services.

Our project is expanding and with that means we need extra funds. With cuts to youth services many young people are left with nothing to do outside of school, which can lead to low aspirations, obesity, mental health, and isolation. Our project seeks to develop our project by developing a local youth community arts centre in the heart of Levenshulme for young people. 

Phase 1

We want to create a multi faceted creative Arts centre for young people in the heart of Levenshulme. The centre will be open to all young people with an emphasis on providing direct services and projects to meet their short and long-term needs. The arts centre will provide a state of the art recording studio open to young aspiring musicians/rappers/singers who can record their own music via our music projects and gain accreditation through our Arts award programme. Alongside the recording studio will be a self-contained dance studio space fully equipped with mirrors and lots of space for young people to learn and develop their Dance skills. The Arts centre will not only benefit young people but will also be available to hire to other community groups which will in turn have wider community benefit. Within the Arts centre young people can sign up to various creative out of school projects and forge future pathways for careers, raise their aspirations, have a safe youth arts venue dedicated to them, make new friends, build positive relationships with staff/mentors.


Our beneficiaries

Ages 11-17

Year 1 80-100 young people

Year 2 100-130 Young people

Year 3 130-180 Young People


The project has 3 aspects

Youth Arts Project for Young people

Youth Community Arts Centre (phase 1) 

Manchester Black History Festival 2018-2019

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