McKenzie Friend

McKenzie Friend

McKenzie Friend for Labour Party Compliance Unit appeal cases for those suspended. You are not alone.

We did it!

On 10th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £740 with 51 supporters in 28 days

McKenzie Friend - Support for Suspended Labour Party Members

Over the coming weeks and months Labour Party members will be expected to attend a hearing for their appeal against their suspension. 

Many of you will know someone who is affected by this and be very aware of the distress and humiliation this has caused. Members, whether suspended or not, have come together to provide support in negotiating the process and in giving emotional support. Our experience to date is that the Labour Party has shown no respect for Natural Justice or due Process.  So many of the suspensions are at most, for extraordinarily trivial matters, or even completely baseless.

Many people have expressed relief that such support is available.  People are overwhelmed by the sense of injustice felt, and in addition we have some people who need additional help, maybe can`t even attend meetings due to health problems, disabilities, family commitments.  Added to that they have a sense of overwhelm because they are not being offered any support or clarity from the system and in fact feel frozen out.  We are intent on enabling each and every person affected by this dysfunctional system that is causing so much damage.

  This, plus the lack of communication and co-operation from the system concerning complaints within the labour party, has and continues to cause much distress. Many do not now trust that they will be able to properly ensure they are listened to. 

In order to help and support such people in a very practical way we have set up a McKenzie Friend system.  A McKenzie Friend assists a litigant in person in law and does not have to be legally qualified. We will make available people who are well versed in understanding the system, and who will be able to accompany the person to any investigation and ensure their case is fairly  dealt with.  This fund is to pay for the travelling expenses of the person acting as a McKenzie Friend.

If you are affected, concerned, outraged, by the lack of natural justice and due process displayed so far by the labour party and want to help ensure that justice is done and people are properly supported please lend a hand by making a donation.  

The more we raise the more we can help.  Equally if you struggle financially your kind thoughts are also greatly appreciated, any amount is gratefully received `many hands make light work`.

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