McDonalds breakfast for a hard worker

McDonalds breakfast for a hard worker

Feed Ed.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Currently there is a huge problem in this world, and that problem is hunger. All over this city, all over this country and all over this world there are hungry people that still need to go to work or school with no calories to keep them going.


I believe this is a problem we can all muck in and end. Starting with me, of course. I'm pretty hungry and could do with a McDonalds breakfast. Regardless of wether or not I get my breakfast, I will be working hard to build everyone's future, putting in a long day with only a short break in between my long hours, and I hope you can see it in your hearts to support the hard working and underpaid among us. All I need is £3.79 for a breakfast wrap meal with a coffee that could keep me going all day (unfortunately I cannot enter decimals into my request but I will donate the remaining 21 pence to charity - highest donation gets to choose which one).


Thank you for reading and I look forward to, with your help, enjoying the perfect savoury taste of a McWrap lined with sausage, bacon, cheese, egg and of course, brown sauce. 




(edit - just found out I cannot set this for just a single hour, but if successful, know I will thoroughly enjoy my breakfast next month)