MC Centre Parc Tondu - Phase 1

MC Centre Parc Tondu - Phase 1

Mulligan Community need your help to buy the property for the MC Centre Tondu, it will help thousands of people and businesses for miles

We did it!

On 26th May 2017 we successfully raised £295 with 8 supporters in 42 days

The name Mulligan is a golfing term used when a stroke is allowed to be replayed from the same point, and the last shot no matter how terrible is not recorded, it is as if it never happened, giving the player a second chance.

Why we need your help

MC was let down with a big grant that they applied for a year ago, when the grant was cancelled to everyone. We can part fund some of the purchase, but need your help to purchase the remainder of the property. Each Phase will cost approx. £500k and will result in the MC Centre Parc Tondu being fully self-sufficient once the first 2 phases are up.

Our rewards

We have a variety of awards for the community and for businesses that donate to our Crowd Funding project. Everyone who donates will have their name or company name on a large 'Thank you plaque' inside the MC Centre Parc Tondu and their names listed permanently on our website  Depending on donation size we will also offer the reward packages shown on the right.

Our Mission

To open MC Centres throughout South Wales, creating significant community hubs, homing and linking up with existing support groups and services all under one roof to provide vital facilities and support services specially tailored to stamp out poverty and social exclusion throughout South Wales. We opened the MC Centre Bridgend in August 2015 and it's been a huge success but at only 4,000 sq. ft. we are outgrowing it and need bigger premises.

We need your help to purchase the best preserved Victorian Ironworks in the UK - The former Tondu Ironworks.....we would like to preserve the ancient scheduled monuments and use it to home one of the biggest Community Centres in the UK: The 'MC Centre Parc Tondu'. 

Stamping out Poverty and Social Exclusion in South Wales

We understand the challenges and stress’ that today’s financial climate puts on our local community and we have a passion to support those on a low-income, that if left unsupported may find themselves a victim of poverty or worse still homelessness. Families and individuals on low-income can find their life restricting and stressful, but because of this they have often built up hidden strengths of resilience and resourcefulness and can have the ability to use these strengths to meet daily needs despite the challenges they face. They are able to confront various challenges in their daily living and often find themselves with strengths that other families or individuals on a higher income lack, such as: communication skills, problem-solving abilities and family organisation. Mulligan Community would like to utilise the strengths of the community and give them an opportunity to participate in programs and services that will increase their resources and opportunities helping to improve their lives and those around them, by providing MC Centres throughout South Wales.

The MC Centres assist families and individuals in making connections with friends and the community so by offering social support and a place of belonging to their local area and in time changing the physical and social structure of their community. The availability of places where the community can gather can have a very strong impact on the lives of people.

We don't build barriers ..... we help build lives

Anyone can use the services at the MC Centre, we see every one as equal, despite their:  age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation, postcode or abode, position, bank balance or past. 

Mulligan Community, as a Community Interest Company has the flexibility to respond to changes in the local needs and also being reactive and proactive to changes in employment and social needs. Once up and running we will be self-sufficient and not reliant on any grants. 

We are available for people that have been living in poverty for years, but we are also available to help those who may be employed but finding the stresses of life pulling them down. We want to catch those people who are bordering on poverty and pull them up before poverty strikes, and we want to help pull up the people who are already stuck in poverty and help them get back on their feet through the many services available at the MC Centres. Thereby providing a complete solution without any barriers of who can use our facilities and services.

All the MC Centres have a ‘blue print’ of facilities and services and are open from Monday – Saturday 8am – 8pm

Support Group Services that will be available through reaching 100% of this project:

We are looking at every aspect of what can cause poverty, homelessness and stress in a family or for an individual, every room and service is carefully monitored to insure the community has all the services that they need to live a happy and enjoyable life. Support groups and services that will be available at the MC Centre Parc Tondu, would be (to name a few): 

  • Free counselling in all areas of support, inc: debt, advocacy, depression, relationship, parenting, bereavement, veteran, discrimination, cancer and many health issues etc
  • Family support for anyone who needs help with dealing with extremes of family behaviour
  • Friendship clubs, luncheon clubs, Poetry Groups, Art Groups and music groups
  • Mental Health Groups, to include: drug, alcohol and gambling support groups
  • Holiday clubs for Children and Youth, free holiday school dinners (for people on benefits)
  • Diet and healthy eating groups, free cooking classes
  • Bullying, discrimination, hate crime, anti-social behaviour support groups
  • Neighbourhood watch and feeling safe in your community programmes
  • Bereavement and veteran counselling and support services
  • Single parent, troubled parents and family mediation support groups
  • Health Groups of all areas (diabetes, mental health, cancer to name a few)
  • Disabled and newly disabled support groups  
  • Free Job Clubs, employment help

We will also have other various services available at the MC Centre Parc Tondu such as: weekly table top sales, fresh fruit and vegetable food co-op bag system, weekly meat van, mobile barber shop, mobile library once a week and blood donations. We would also apply to be a point of contact for: Organ donor signup points, shoe box appeals, donations for soldiers, information and learning point for fire safety information and also an RNIB information point and collection point for the RNIB’s talking book service.

The MC Centre Parc Tondu will home a variety of ‘Hubs’ providing facilities and a base for service providers to help the Community for all of life’s ups and downs. The Hubs are specially tailored to combat poverty and social exclusion and bring a: Prosperous, resilient, healthier, more equal, globally responsible Wales and a Wales of cohesive communities and vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language for everyone, no matter their postcode, to the community and to the businesses in the community.

The Services that the MC Centre Parc Tondu will provide once all 4 phases are complete are:

Phase 1 - Purchase.  Phase 2 - Hub extension.  Phase 3 - Sports Centre extension.  Phase 4 - Visitors Centre extension.

  • Free Clothes Swap Shop - Phase 1
  • Free Drop in Specsavers Counselling / Advice room - Phase 1
  • Free Wellbeing Appointment Room - Phase 2
  • Free Drop in Fitness Room - Phase 2
  • Free weekly MC Depression & Anxiety Support Groups - Phase 1
  • MC Advocacy Support - Phase 2
  • Holiday Hunger clubs - Phase 1

  • Extra Large Family Contact Room (£10 per hour to hire) - Phase 2
  • Large Family Contact Rooms (£8 per hour to hire) - Phase 2
  • Small Family Contact Room (£5 per hour to hire) - Phase 2
  • 0-3 years Soft Play Room (£1 per child) - Phase 1
  • 3-6 years Imagination Room (£1 per child) - Phase 1
  • Sensory Room (£1 per user ph) - Phase 1
  • MC Family Support - Phase 1
  • Toy Library & Free Baby equipment lending library - (£5 to join toy library & £1 per toy per week) - Phase 1

  • Rose Tea Rooms (Teas & Coffees £1 each) - Phase 1
  • Community Training Kitchen (£20 per hour to hire) - Phase 1
  • ICT Training Room (£20 per hour to hire) - Phase 1
  • Small Hall (£10 per hour to hire) - Phase 1
  • Large Training room (£15 per hour to hire) - Phase 1
  • Free weekly MC Cooking Courses - Phase 1
  • Medium Meeting Room (£8 per hour to hire) - Phase 2

  • 11 offices available to rent (from as little as £100 per month for a one person office) - Phase 2
  • Meeting room available to use free for tenants of the Business Hub - Phase 2

  • Sports Dome - Phase 3
  • MC Wheelchair Friendly Games Room - Phase 3
  • MC Disabled Sports & Social Groups - Phase 3
  • MC Weekly indoor table top sales - Phase 1 (held in Hall, then Sports Dome after phase 3)


  • The Dram Stop Coffee & Gift Shop – Phase 4
  • Exploration Room – Phase 4
  • Educational Conference Room – Phase 4
  • Nature & Heritage Room – Phase 4 


  • Pedals & Paws Rest Stop – Phase 2
  • Nature & Heritage Walks – Phase 1 & 4
  • Sensory Gardens – Phase 1
  • Cycling Routes and Celtic Trail – Phase 1


Thank you for taking the time to read our pledge and we thank you for your support.

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