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mBrainingUK Website
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On 25th October 2018 we successfully raised £2,760 with 32 supporters in 28 days

Raise the necessary funding to finance the building hosting and maintainence of the website that promotes mBraining in the UK & Ireland

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mBraining UK” is at present a vision, but we feel ready to share and to see if you think/ feel  it is both an idea you can see as being beneficial to us all and one that you would support.

The aim would be simple, to work collaboratively and generatively to promote mBraining here in the UK & Ireland to the benefit of all.

We feel that in order for mBraining to attract the attention of more people here in the UK & Ireland and have a bigger online presence, it would be useful to have a web presence that represented all of us equally, with social media links that we could all input into and that, by its very nature, made it easy and simple for people to come across through relevant internet searches and address the following questions:

  • What is mBraining & mBIT
  • Why should I consider training as an mBIT coach
  • Where are there trainings in the UK & Ireland
  •  I am looking for a coach - why should I consider an mBIT coach
  • Where can I find an mBIT coach in the UK & Ireland

We believe a website with many back links to other sites i.e. your business websites, with good SEO, will appear at the top of Google searches organically and without the need to pay for position. This is something mBraining.com has achieved already.

We have spoken with Grant about this potential project to check out if he had any concerns. He is fully supportive of this as a positive and generative step, and he is also happy to put a backlink in from mBraining.com.  He sees it as a win-win for our businesses, for the public and for the field.

We have no interest in running a site for our own commercial gain. However, we cannot have an open liability for its design & maintenance placed upon our existing business.

Our feeling is that any site should have no hierarchy, in other words no one individual or business should have, or be able to achieve any dominance within it, which rules out alphabetical listings etc., as they favour/ disadvantage certain names, for example.

We believe we have a solution to this through the use of a simple UK & Ireland map, acting as the ‘search by visual reference to location’.

Information pop up boxes will all be identical in size & format.

In order for a subscriber to get the most out of their representation they would need to

  • Have a website of their own or facebook page that can be linked
  • If a trainer, they should have dates for trainings arranged and ensure their own site is accurate and up to date with this info
  • If a trainer, avoid having ‘TBC’, similar or nothing displayed, as this would lead people to believe trainings either do not happen, get postponed or that mBraining is not a vibrant field
  • If a coach, where and how you practice i.e. face to face, telephone, skype etc. and multiple contact details i.e. mobile, land line e-mail address etc. and website / facebook page as relevant

We think & feel that an annual subscription is the fairest way to spread the costs between all of those wanting to be part of the project, including us.

At present, we are at the end of pre-planning and now moving into project initiation, but only if it is something the community wants to happen. If there is no interest, we will not follow it through.

Our web developer estimates a site build cost of approx. £2000+VAT and annual maintenance costs of around £260+VAT. The initial challenge is to raise sufficient funds to build a functioning site that meets our community needs and helps the public too.

There are 22 registered trainers living in the UK & Ireland at present, not all are active as trainers and may not wish to subscribe. There are approx. 11 active trainers.

There are 85 UK & Ireland coaches who have requested to be listed on mBraining.com but some 200+ that have been trained.

Trainers subscription year 1 £120 (£10 per month)

Coaches subscription year 1 £60 (£5 per month)  

Possible year 1 subscription totals

Trainers               10 x £120 = £1200

Coaches               20 x £60   = £1200

Total                                           £2400

Year 1 costs                              £2400

Possible subsequent year’s subscription totals for those who participated in year 1

Trainers               11 x £30 = £330

Coaches               20 x £5   = £100

Total                                           £430

Annual costs                            £312

If someone wishes to join after the launch year we would propose the same 1st year subscription for them with any surplus money at the year-end either going back to mBIT pty for a wisdom project, into book purchases for gifting or some other agreed mechanism.

So in summary, for this project to move forward we need 10 trainers and a min 20 Coaches willing to commit to the 1st year’s subscription.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£60 or more

£60 Reward

mBIT Coach

£120 or more

11 of 22 claimed

mBIT Trainer

Listing as an mBIT Trainer & coach including your photo, contact details link to your website of Facebook page all viewable by hovering over your location spot on a map of the UK & Ireland

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