A Documentary exploring the work of a dedicated organisation, trying to conserve one of the world's most critically endangered species.

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This documentary focuses on the work that (WCS) Wildlife Conservation Society is doing to conserve wild orang-utans living in Batang Ai National Park. The documentary will have a large focus on the work the field assistants carry out on a daily basis. This film will also concentrate on the work that WCS is doing with the local communities to reconnect and educate them about the inhabitants of Batang Ai.

Please check out WCS-Malaysia's facebook page for updates on their work: 



Please watch this great news report, explaining the effects of Palm oil and Deforestation on Orangutans. 




Molly Diable- “I wanted to make this film to celebrate and raise awareness about the positive work people are doing around the world to conserve wildlife. A lot of recent wildlife films tend to focus on the negative actions humans are inflicting on the natural world. I want this film to highlight that there is good happening around the world and inspire others to involve themselves in conservation."


Director/Producer- Molly Diable 


Director of Photography- Matthew Dickinson


Dominic Lake- Camera Operator 


Mark Harris- Sound Recordist

Risks & Challenges

This project will require a lot of mental and physical stamina, as the crew will be faced with living in jungle conditions. We need to be prepared for cases of illness or injury and will take precautions to ensure risk is minimal. Luckily we will have experienced guides who know the jungle well and we can trust to keep us safe. The production will make sure the crew as insurance and the correct injections. 

We will be transporting equipment via plane to Malaysia, production is trying to minimise the transportation costs as much as possible whilst ensuring that the kit will remain in good condition during the transportation process. We will have to ensure that we are prepared for any equipment failure that could happen whilst we are out in the field. We will make sure to have backups in case of this risk. 

 Corrupted footage-
In the case of corrupted files, we will have hard drives to ensure footage is backed up and there is no risk of losing footage.

Why Donate?

We want to make this film the best it can be but this is something we cannot fund ourselves, so we need your help! Mayas will be submitted into numerous festivals once it is complete and will provide the crew with a piece of work that can be shown to potential employers, as well as leaving amazing memories of bringing this film to life. 

What your money will go towards:


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On behalf of us all, I would like to thank you all for taking your time to support our film! 

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