Max's reconstruction surgery following RTA

Max's reconstruction  surgery following RTA

After much persuasion we decided to set up a page for pig! Max was run over resulting in multiple breaks to his pelvis requiring surgery

We did it!

On 28th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £635 with 40 supporters in 14 days

 Max was run over on Thursday resulting in multiple breaks to his pelvis requiring specialist surgery. Thankfully his muscular stature prevented internal bleeding but our local vets were unable to help him and said his chances of leading a normal life were slim. After toying with the decision as to whether the kindest decision was to have him PTS. Sam made the decision to refer him to a specialist (having broken his own back and being told he would never walk again 10 years ago ,Sam refused to give up on Max-bearing in mind he has just completed his 4th Triathlon this season). 

Max has melted many people's  hearts and has become some what of a mascot here at OVAC. That dog loves his adventures and  really does go every where with us from eventing, stand up paddle boarding to even taking on Crib gogh.

It was due to lots of my colleagues & friends recommendations I have set up this page for anyone who would like to donate towards pigs surgery. Both myself and Sam would like to say a huge thankyou you everyone for their help, support and messages over these last few days, on what feels like an emotional roller coaster.

Thankyou so much Sam, Roon & of course the main man Max xxxx

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