Mature Student Guide

Mature Student Guide

To be a valuable source of information for mature people embarking on a the stepping stone to the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Going back into education as a mature student can be one of the most daunting experiences. So many things to consider and plan around. But the rewards are far reaching. The excitement of embarking on a journey that will change their life path, increase their opportunities, enrich their lives. 

My idea  is to provide help and information for those who chose to go back in to education. Starting as a website with helpful guides, blogs, hopefully expanding to a forum, and creating a community where prospective students, current students  and ex students alike  can help each other. I have alot of ideas for the future of this project and I believe this project could expand into different areas. As an offshoot, and a small income earner, I will be offering personal services, like proofreading, course finding, grant searches etc to help students, and to give the site a more 'human' approach.  This income, it is hoped will expand the site for the next phase.

I was a mature student myself, and had a bit of a tough time as a single mum, who worked too.  I felt at the time that engagement with mature students was limited. I felt things were more catered for younger students.  My college and uni experience are still, without a doubt, part of the best decision I made, so I want to give something back, positively promoting education for mature people thinking about becoming students again. 

To start up, I need a pc capable of running a server if renting is not viable, software, a website domain, and possibly the services of a website designer for some aspects. The aim is to get the website running  as soon as possible.