Matt's Online Coaching Program

Matt's Online Coaching Program

I've started an online coaching program designed to help clients lose fat, and diet effectively. I need your help so that I can market it

We did it!

On 10th May 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hi, I'm Matt and I've been a personal trainer for the last 6 years. I've spent over 4,000 hours training clients (yeah I did the maths) and have loved doing it. Over the last 18 months I have been working on building an online coaching service for my clients, I believe that coaching clients online is a lot more efficient and gets better results. Instead of just training my client in a gym I would be:


  • Creating custom-made training programs that suit my client's abilities and goals so that they enjoy their sessions and stop wasting time on boring, ineffective exercises
  • Teaching them how to diet effectively so that they can lose weight whilst still eating the foods that they enjoy
  • Weekly coaching/Skype calls that help keep my clients accountable and motivated so that they keep training and get the results they want
  • Organising events with all my clients (free courses, competitions, social events etc) to keep them motivated and create a community feel to my coaching


I've already run 2 trials involving 20 clients, and had great successes. The purpose of the trials was to see if I could handle the volume of clients, and to make sure that my service was up to scratch. I made a lot of changes to how I trained my clients along the way, and now I'm really happy with my ability to get results.


The website is up and I have put testimonials from my trial run (and from my successful PT business) on it, I am trying to raise money so that I can run a marketing campaign to promote my services.

The marketing budget would be used for Facebook and Google adverts which would offer potential clients a free eBook "Top 10 Fat-loss exercises" in exchange for their email address so that I can market my service to them via emails. 

The business itself has virtually no overheads as it's all done online, but lead-generation is a big deal whilst starting out. If I could get just 10 clients as a result of my campaign I would be able to run my coaching program full-time


What I'm offering

As a reward for helping me, I can offer you my services as a coach. I can transform your physique, and get you in amazing shape. Depending on what you invest you can either get a customised training program, 2 months full online coaching (including everything mentioned above), or 6 months online coaching where you are guaranteed success so long as you follow my plan 




Todd Davies' transformation took place within 12 weeks in 2013. He went from 33.8% to 20% body fat


"It’s no exaggeration that from the start, to where I am now, my diet and exercise regime has changed dramatically, what I like about Matt is how every change is made in such small measures you barely notice it. It’s only after 6 months you take a look back to where you were previously and realise how far you have come."  James Griffin


Colin Jones lost 37.5kg in one year. Increased his deadlift from 60kg to 180kg, and successfully squatted 150kg

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