A proper car for Matt

by Christine in Robin Hoods Bay, England, United Kingdom

A proper car for Matt


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A proper birthday surprise for Matt!

by Christine in Robin Hoods Bay, England, United Kingdom

Dear friends, family and acquaintances!

It's Matt's girlfriend Christine here :)

Isn't it difficult to find good presents for some people? Isn't Matt one of those people hard to give a gift to? 

You want it to be lovely and thoughtful, because Matt is lovely and thoughtful. 

But what could you possibly give him that will bring him true joy AND be of great use to him AND is within your gift-giving budget? 

Well. I have the answer: It is any numerical amount of British Pound Sterling of your choosing, going towards a new car.

Because - have you seen the state of his current car? It's a mess. Not worthy of our dear Matt, who we all agree is lovely and thoughtful. 

And when I say "new" car, I actually mean a second-hand car, because that's just how thrifty Matt is! Can you believe it?!

Here are some reminders why Matt deserves your monies:

* If you need to move unwieldy objects, he will help you out with his car (so funding his new car really actually benefits you too!).

* If you are feeling down, he will always listen to your worries. 

* If you fall asleep being sad, he will happily let you use his couch for a night or a longer, indefinite amount of time.

* If you mention you enjoy a special food or drink, he will make sure to have it with him the next time he sees you.

* If you need to go to the hospital, he will drive you there in a heartbeat (again, a new car benefits you too!)

The list goes on. So let's all be lovely and thoughtful towards Matt for a change and give 1 or more pounds for his 35th birthday.

Thank you! I love you*!


PS: Matt does not know about this campaign. Please do not tell him about it! It is supposed to be a surprise on his birthday :)

*If you give 35 pounds or more!

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