Matt and Elise

Matt and Elise

To get Elise to England

We did it!

On 29th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £760 with 14 supporters in 23 days

As you may know there's a hideous bullshit law which is preventing Elise returning to England until around the end of this year. Even then there are numerous hoops both Matt and Elise have to jump through to be able to keep her here.

These guys have already spent months apart and poor old Matt's starting to look a bit Eeyore-like (...sad, not growing a tail). As you can imagine it's pretty stressful and emotionally draining for them. The person you love being on the other side of the world from you for the best part of a year, and not even for a decent reason. 

But will we allow old stuffy British 'that's just the way it is' laws come between a bit of good old fashioned romance?! Hell no!

I urge you all to get you best 'Hugh Grant chasing a taxi through bizarrely unpopulated London' heart strings officially yanked and pop in a few love tokens to this crowd fund so we can surprise them with a flights worth of money. That way Elise can hopefully at least come over for a few weeks to visit.

I know sometimes crowd funding offers a gift when you put in, and we are too! A warm fuzzy sense of doing something brilliant for a couple of awesome people who more than deserve it. 

Tom also offers a nude butler service which can be claimed on payments of over £200. 

Thank you in advance, you lovely peeps. 

Kerry and Tom xxx

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