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On 30th November 2017 we successfully raised £3,765 with 47 supporters in 37 days

We work with secondary schools in Harrow, delivering additional maths classes to raise attainment, boost confidence and aspirations.

by MathsMakers in Harrow, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Possibility of additional matched funding - 23/11/2017

Dear Friends, 

Sincere thanks to each of you for donating to our MathsMakers crowd-funding campaign. We are very grateful for your support and all your good wishes.

Today, we have learned that, because of the success of our campaign through your generous donations, MathsMakers stands to qualify for a higher level of matched funding. So, we are going for a new stretch target.

We can assure you that the money you have donated will enable us to help a larger number of children improve their maths. In particular, we will use any additional money we raise in the remaining time in the current campaign to work directly with Year 11 students in a final push to boost their preparation for the 2018 GCSE exams.

Thank you very much,

Helena and Michelle


MathsMakers makes maths accessible for all.  We partner with state secondary schools to provide extra support for students aged 11-16 who need additional help with their maths learning. We run our programmes in school, targeting students who are performing significantly below expectations and helping them get back on track. 

MathsMakers provides valuable work experience for Sixth Form students who volunteer with us as maths mentors. Mentors gain important interpersonal and employability skills, which they can transfer to future education and work opportunities.


Our Goals

All schools educate their students through classroom teaching. However, most schools have limited resources to offer intensive intervention programmes that are necessary to help the very weak students improve their maths learning.  How can schools support these students and narrow the attainment gap?  MathsMakers has a track record of working with schools to help students improve their attainment in maths, boost their confidence and raise their aspirations.


What Makes Our Project Great?

  • Our students learn through classroom-style instruction, group activities and 1-on-1 mentoring. They receive personalised attention.
  • Our students improve their attainment in maths. In 2016/17, over 90% of students who completed our programmes improved their scores in MathsMakers progress tests - the average improvement was nearly 20 percentage points. 
  • Our mentors use their volunteering with us to gain accreditation within award programmes that include Duke of Edinburgh Awards and HeadStart - The Challenge.
  • Some of our mentors go on to do private maths tutoring.
  • Our schools leverage their funding to provide high-quality and intensive maths intervention for their low-attaining students. This helps them to maximize their own resources to support GCSE students in their critical year.


Our Story 

MathsMakers has delivered maths intervention programmes to schools in Barnet, Brent and Harrow, to over 100 students, some with Special Educational Needs or with English as an additional language, and over 60 sixth-form mentors.  We are establishing a track record in improving the maths attainment and confidence of our students, providing valuable work experience for sixth-form students, engaging parents and the wider school community, and supporting schools.


  • “The quality of resources and the level of attention given to the students were excellent, far superior to what the school would have had capacity for.  We would recommend MathsMakers to other schools.”  - Mark Kennedy, Head of Maths, Nower Hill High School, May 2016


  • "I have improved. In my tracking points, I get better effort grades and homework grades and my teaher says he is proud of how I am working." - Year 9 student
  • "I became more confident. Before I hated maths but now I think I can do it. I can do the things I thought I couldn’t do.” - Year 8 student
  • "The sessions were extremely helpful. I have improved so much.  Fractions especially." - Year 7 student


  • I was able to improve on my communication, as I had to be very clear and direct with my speech when mentoring.  It's an opportunity to gain confidence in your knowledge and a way to help others benefit from what you know.” - Year 12 mentor


  • Dear MathsMakers, Thank you! I think my child has been inspired by the course She was convinced that she wasn't any good at maths. She has been looking at [online resources] fairly regularly at home; something that I really struggled to convince her to have a look at before. So, thank you :-)
  • Dear MathsMakers, Thank you for all your support. My daughter now tells me that Maths is her favourite subject! Kind regards"


MathsMakers is very pleased to have received a grant from the Young Harrow Foundation, Harrow Council and local businesses in support of our work with schools in Harrow.  Through this scheme,  MathsMakers will receive matched-funding, up to £2860, for money raised through Crowdfunder.  Please help us extend our work in Harrow.  We appreciate your support.

Thank you very much,

Helena Mullins and Michelle Lee


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