Covid Support SCHOOL for online math for children

by The Friends of Bourne in Chichester, England, United Kingdom

Covid Support SCHOOL for online math for children


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Help us raise funds for MATH online learning platform for children working towards GCSE during the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

by The Friends of Bourne in Chichester, England, United Kingdom

Supporting children at Bourne Community College, West Sussex, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help us raise funds to provide a Mathematic online platform for the children at Bourne Community College, Southbourne, West Sussex. 

For use at school and during remote learning. 

Why do we need funding?

The 2019 high profile “Worthless” campaign by the West Sussex Head Teachers has highlighted the limited budget that schools are receiving. Whilst not affecting the day to day running of the college, they have limited financial aid reducing the ability to provide modern technology and equipment for the children.

With your support, we aim to purchase the MathsWatch online learning platform to allow the children to continue learning - at home or in class.


During the Coronavirus lockdown, online learning resources quickly became a high priority for the school. The children adapted and began a new style of digital learning. 

Although the children have now returned to school, the new Covid-19 restrictions have dramatically altered the children's daily routine. 

Maths is a prime subject.

It is essential that all of the children can access the appropriate work regardless of their location. 

What online learning platform do you require?

With the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus Pandemic, The Friends of Bourne are keen to minimalize any future disruption to the children's education. 

The M1604322751_mathswatch_logo.pngathsWatch learning platform will provide suitable classwork, homework and revision guides for all of the children. We are keen to provide this platform as soon as possible. 

How many children will benefit from the MathsWatch platform?
The school have 795 children. MathsWatch will benefit every child at the school. 

What is the MathsWatch Learning Platform?

MathsWatch is the complete online Maths platform that makes learning available to children 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

The subscription includes:

  • 200+ Video clips covering the whole new curriculum
  • Curriculum split into 4 Standards (Emerging, Expected, Exceeding and Excelling) ;
  • 240 + video clips for GCSE revision 
  • 230 '1 minute maths' videos to allow for quick revision
  • A complete Maths eBook 
  • Homework / test setting tools
  • A bank of 1000's of interactive exam-style questions for independent learning with instant feedback

Videos, online assessments, feedback tools, independent learning, printable worksheets and so much more are all included to help develop your students' mathematical skills.              

Innovative Marketing Tool

MatchsWatch offer an innovative marking tool that is unique to MathsWatch. It gives marks for 'working out' and not merely for final answers. This revolutionary feature makes the MathsWatch experience much more realistic and beneficial to the students than most traditional quiz setting tools.

For further information visit:

Have you trialled the online learning platform? 

Yes, we have tested the platform with the children and it was a huge success. The children found it easy to use.

How long is the subscription?

MathsWatch is excellent value for money, the subscription will cost £500 for 1 year. (£41.66 per month)  

How will the children access the online learning platform? 

The online learning platform is accessible via the internet. Bourne Community College have a dedicated IT team. Each child will be given a suitable login and password.  The children will be taught how to access and use the software.

How will you manage and maintain the platform? 

Bourne Community College has a dedicated IT department who will provide support to the children at school and home. The school work closely with the parent / guardian to ensure the equipment is being used safety and correctly. Should you wish to view a copy of the school child safeguarding policy, please email [email protected]

How can I receive further information about this project?  

Visit our website: or email us for further information [email protected]



The Friends of Bourne is a registered charity. Our charity number is: 1180800.

1604324241_bourne_logo.pngBourne Community College is a coeducational, secondary School in Southbourne, West Sussex. The school was opened on 10th January 1956. Today, we are very proud of our strong heritage and long standing connection with the local community. The school has a large catchment area including rural villages, suburban towns, and many children from Thorney Island Military Barracks. The school is in high demand with just one other secondary school within a five mile radius.   

To maintain a high level of success, we have only 180 student places in each year group. This leads to a strong sense of community and allows us to cater for each of our students as individuals. We work hard to ensure they all make outstanding progress, academically and personally, to build on their self-confidence and self-belief and to develop their talents to the full.

We have key values that respect the charter of the UNICEF rights of the Child and our Bourne ID mirrors this. We gained GOLD status as a rights respecting School and are building on this great achievement. We are proud to operate a dedicated “STEAM” project focusing on Science, Technology, Engineer, Art and Mathematics. As we progress, we are keen to improve our facilities to allow our children the opportunity to use advanced equipment and technology.

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