Final 6:0

Posted by Linas Staponas on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

karate competitions

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are raising funds to get Matas, a very good promising young karate athlete, to elite and prestigious competitions across globe. Matas started training at the age of nine and since then, Matas has become a very talented karate

Matas' dream is to become at least a European champion or if not a World champion. Matas has been in loads of competitions like: France Orleans, Sheffield, Meopham open, Elite open, and loads of other competititons. He has won a bronze in Sheffield, silver in Elite, and aproximately 20 bronze, 5 silvers, 5 golds in Meopham open. British karate bronze medal champion,Planning go to championships to Croatia, Turkey, Hungary, Latvia,Bulgaria,Germany,Mexico,Italy. Matas very improve and has a strong mind into training but when we go on competitions we need money to pay for all the equipment and entry fees. Also we would like you all to and for fill Matas' dream of becoming a Champion some day.