Mat and wrist alarm for detection of siezures

by Jasmine Harris in Shoreham By Sea, England, United Kingdom

Mat and wrist alarm for detection of siezures
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To get equipment to detect siezures

by Jasmine Harris in Shoreham By Sea, England, United Kingdom

I am a single mum to three beautiful children I am currently funding for essentially life saving equipment for my son who is currently under investigation for epilepsy but the test has a 6 week waiting list and I have just found out that he could potentially die from the siezures therefore I need a detection system which is very expensive my son is two and called Nicholas -junior he is a caring loving little boy who makes everyone smile from the very young age of just over a year old he started having these seizures at first they thought it was just febrile seizures but over time he has been having them more frequently one of which in April a week after his second birthday he had one which caused him to stop breathing and it lasted for 2 horrific hrs they had to sedate him just to stop the siezure and he was put on a ventilator I thought I was going to lose him that night but thankfully he put up a strong fight and got through it he has had 8 siezures in his short little life so this equipment will not only put me at ease knowing that I have vital equipment so I can act quickly during siezures and for his own safety any donation will be greatly appreciated thank you for taking the time to read my story kind regards jas x

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