Masters degree support

by Kimmy Turner in Roborough, England, United Kingdom

Masters degree support
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To be able to study MSc in Tourism and Hospitality Management without having such a large financial burden on my shoulders.

by Kimmy Turner in Roborough, England, United Kingdom

I finally have managed to scrape myself together after suffering with M.E for many years, and always battling through with working to support myself. I have tried many different roles some of which made my condition significantly worse, I lost my confidence and was about to give up. As M.E is an invisible disability I have faced a lot of challenges with making employers and people recognise I cant do what everyone else can, and I've battled my own demons.

I got the opportunity to come to the University of Plymouth to study my Masters in Tourism and Hospitality as I had been quite good when I was studying my Bachelors, and I need to get myself back up on my feet with a career. I have been studying now for nearly 3 months, and although I'm actually really enjoying it and am actually quite good at it, the financial burden of not working is really starting to take a lot of toll on myself and my family. 

Due to the M.E I cannot sustainably work and study as the energy required to do both will be impossible. These past few months I have been giving my studies my all, and now we are near a financial crisis. I am feeling I need to get out and find work, but then I know my studies will have to really take a back seat and we will be back at square one. My husband works long hours and we still struggle to pay bills.

The Student Finance Postgraduate loan only covers the fees and a small amount extra which I put towards bills and living expenses but I just cannot afford to go on essential networking trips that are planned in the course, nor buy myself a cup of coffee, without needing to ask for money. There just isn't any support.

Thats why I am here. Not because I think I am better than anyone, nor my needs are greater, I just need a second chance and for someone to believe in me, other than my husband. If anyone knows me they know how incredibly grateful I am and I plan to pay it forward when I find myself in a better situation, to someone else struggling. 

Thanks for listening.

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