Masters at Wageningen University

Masters at Wageningen University

I am raising funds to pay the international student fees for a Masters at Wageningen University in animal science.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Henk and I dream to study at Wageningen University in 2018. I am a South African national that has been passionate about farming, sustainable use and the outdoor environment for as long as I can remember. We face really huge challenges moving into an uncertain future ( climate change, political instability and a growing population) challenges that are tough by anyones measure to address. One of the most basic of these challenges are: how will we feed a growing population on less available space and in a world where climate is changing and becoming increasingly unpredictable? This is the question I am passionate about, the question that in my lifetime I hope to find lasting solutions to. I will be frank and tell you that I have no money! I have been studying animal science ever since I left my corporate job working as a junior environmental scientist.

Recently a few of us came together and started a business distributing camping and leisure trailers in the U.S. and Canada and although this might become profitable one day it is still in the very early stages and we are not taking any profit whatsoever and won't be for some time. When this changes I will be the first to pledge into another students tuition fee of that you can be sure! 

On the 08th of November this year ( 2016) I saved everything I had and went to Wageningen University in the Netherlands to personally see the person in charge of selections. It was a good meeting and the crux of it all is essentially that I can come, if I can come up with the fees ( the tuition alone is the target of this project).

The fees are expensive and I realize I am only one person, but from one many can succeed if that person is motivated to work. I am extremely excited at the prospects of working in this field and gaining experience abroad to do it. Please invest in me so that I can invest in the world, your small contributions (every cent) will be HUGELY appreciated and  though you may not know me I can assure you my word is my word. Lets be preemptive with the problems about tomorrow and let us strive to at the very least feed our people, protect our farmers and use technology to do it in a sustainable way to the environment!

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Kind Regards

Henk Botha